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Kmart Anko Electric Heated Topper TT-1101X review

Priced at $75.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating?

CHOICE Expert Rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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Recommended View more details.

We recommend electric blankets with a score of 85% and above.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score comprises ease of use (40%), durability (20%) and the performance of an electric blanket's heat up time (40%).

Performance score View more details.

We measure how long it takes the blanket to pre-heat to its maximum temperature. The shorter the time, the better the score. We also collect general data, measure energy use, check for correct labelling, and take thermal images to see how well the blankets distribute heat. We then run the blankets through our electric blanket rig, which simulates 2000 turns of the blanket, and examine them for breakages in the wiring. They are also moistened and have 3000 volts passed through them to test for moisture resistance.

Ease of use score View more details.

We assess whether the control's connector may cause discomfort when lying on the blanket, ease of using controls, ease of fitting the blanket to the bed, how easy it is to clean and whether the blanket can be washed and dried in a dryer.

Durability score View more details.

We put the controllers and cabling through two durability tests. Passing both tests earns a perfect 100, passing one earns 50 and failing both earns a zero.

Energy consumption per winter (kWh) View more details.

Kilowatt hours, based on a 92-day period for winter.

Temperature at all night (lowest) use level (°C) View more details.

The temperature recorded is that of the blanket's heating element. The temperature of the material, say, on the corner of the blanket, could be lower. We don't recommend sleeping with the blanket on all night.

Time taken to reach 40°C (min) View more details.

The temperature recorded is that of the blanket's heating element. The temperature of the material, say, on the corner of the blanket, could be lower.

Maximum temperature achieved (°C) View more details.

The temperature recorded is that of the blanket's heating element. The temperature of the material, say, on the corner of the blanket, could be lower.

Shop Ethical rating View more details.

Shop Ethical rates the environmental and social impact of the company (not the product) using independent sources. This rating is not included in our total score. NA means not available: there is no rating for that company.

Warranty (years)
Country of origin
Availability View more details.

This shows which products have been discontinued and which are still available in shops. 'Tested model' indicates this electric blanket can still be found in shops.

Tested model
Price View more details.

This is the manufacturer’s recommended retail price but you can often save money by shopping around.

Running cost per winter View more details.

This is calculated based on a 92-day period for winter. We include the manufacturer recommended pre-heat period (if there isn't one, we pre-heat for 60 mins), then set the blanket to its lowest setting for eight hours. We calculate the energy result by 40c/kWh. As some heat fluctuations may occur, this is the maximum cost.

Some blankets aren't recommended for night use, so running cost is calculated on the recommended maximum usage scenario, which is why these are significantly lower than other blankets on test.

Fitted or tie down
Recommended pre-heat time (minutes)
Top Cover: Cotton. Blanket: Polyester
Recommended washing method
Hand wash
Drying instructions
Line dry
Dimensions (cm, W x L)
149 x 200
Weight (kg)
Temperature level light display View more details.

The controller is illuminated so that when it's dark you can see the selected heat or temperature level.

Suitable for all night use View more details.

We indicate if the blanket is designed for use all night, but still recommend warming it up before bed and then switching it off before sleep.

Yes (at setting 1)
Auto-off View more details.

This feature will turn off your blanket automatically after a certain amount of time has passed. This can be helpful for safety and comfort.

Controller removable View more details.

Whether you can remove the controllers to clean the blanket.

Extra warm foot zone View more details.

Does the blanket claim to have an extra warm feature for the area in which your feet will be?

Individual controller for each side View more details.

This allows you to control the heat comfort level for either side of the blanket, which is helpful for couples who want different temperatures for their blanket. 

Raised markings View more details.

Handy for use in the dark or for the visually impaired.

Number of levels View more details.

The number of levels that are available in the temperature controls.

Machine washable View more details.

Can you put your electric blanket in the wash? Which program can you wash it on? Controllers are removable on washable blankets.

Timer setting View more details.

Timer settings let you decide in advance how long the blanket will be on for.

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