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York Fitness C410 review

Priced at $599.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

This overall score consists of performance (50%) and ease of use (50%).

Performance score View more details.

To score performance we recruited the expert opinion of Dr Lee K Wallace, high level triathlete and sport and exercise science lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. He looked at the bikes’ build quality and sturdiness, seat comfort, smoothness of action and the ease of resistance adjustment and program levels.

Ease of use score View more details.

Our expert Antonio Bonacruz assessed which bikes were easiest to assemble, adjust and program. He also adapted several clauses of the exercise cycle safety requirements standard (AS 4092-1993) and checked for the guarding of moving parts and sharp edges, as well as user instructions.

Recommended View more details.

We recommend all models that score 70% or more.

Price View more details.

Price we paid in December 2016. This does not include delivery. For some models, delivery was up to $200.

Weight (kg) View more details.

Boxed weight in kg as stated. In the case of the Horizon Paros, this is the stated unboxed weight.

Maximum capacity (kg) View more details.

The maximum recommended capacity as shown in the instruction manual. In some cases we saw minor differences on the bicycle label and on the manufacturer's website, so you may want to double-check this figure with the manufacturer.

Means of resistance (braking system) View more details.

The braking system on currently tested models uses magnetic resistance technology to increase or decrease the difficulty of pedalling, which is quieter.

Resistance control View more details.

Whether the resistance can be controlled electronically via the bike console, or whether you need to turn a dial manually.

Pre-programmed routines View more details.

The number of pre-programmed, preset routines that the bike offers. These will vary from bike to bike.

Number of seat height positions
Seat height increment (cm) View more details.

Based on our measurements, this is how wide the increments are between seat heights.

Maximum seat height from floor (cm)
Minimum seat height from floor (cm)
Maximum distance to handlebar when seat is lowest (cm)
Minimum distance to handlebar when seat is lowest (cm)
Tools for assembly
Allen key, 2 hex wrench with Philips screwdriver
Power supply View more details.

All will run on mains power but some also use batteries which back up any saved data when the mains power is switched off.

mains adapter
lifetime on frame, 1 year on all other parts
Multiple user profiles
User-programmed routines View more details.

Whether the user can manually set routines to meet particular goals (such as time or distance).

Fan View more details.

These can be useful for cooling your face during your workout.

Audio input connection View more details.

Handy to plug in a portable music player to listen to when you are exercising.

USB connection View more details.

A USB connection is handy for keeping your device charged during your workout.

Bluetooth View more details.

Whether the bike can connect to your device using Bluetooth in order to use an app, for instance.

Wi-Fi and app View more details.

Some bikes have the capability to wirelessly connect to a fitness app that runs on your mobile device.

Seat tilt (levelling) View more details.

Whether the seat can tilt when you are adjusting it. The seat should be as level to the floor as possible because too much tilt can put strain on your back, but some minor adjustments may be required to aid comfort.

Rotation (heading) View more details.

Whether the seat can be rotated to aid comfort.

Adjustable pedal strap length
Castors or wheels
yes - 2 front
Drink holder View more details.

Whether the bike comes equipped with a drinks holder. You may be able to add one separately.

Mobile device holder View more details.

Whether the bike comes with a stand to hold your electronic device.

Auto-off View more details.

Whether the bike's screen turns off automatically after a period of time.

Cardio/HRC mode View more details.

Whether the cycle operates in cardio or heart rate control (HRC) mode. How this feature works may vary from bike to bike but generally lets users set a pulse/target heart rate that is suitable for their age and fitness level.

Watts mode View more details.

Lets you set a preferred output in watts, which is a measure of how much power you are producing. This is affected by the resistance of the pedals as well as the speed you are going. The bike will adjust the pedal resistance accordingly to ensure that your watts output remains constant.

Recovery mode View more details.

After an intense workout, this mode measures your heart rate as you slow down and rates your performance.

Body fat % mode View more details.

Some of the exercise bikes will be able to measure your body fat. Although we did not rate this feature, we tried it out where available and found they were generally in keeping with our tester's expected body fat levels.

BMI mode View more details.

Whether the device can display your body mass index, which is calculated when you enter your weight and height.


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