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Medescan RC008 Touchless Thermometer review

Priced at $90.

  • Medescan RC008 Touchless Thermometer carousel image
  • Medescan RC008 Touchless Thermometer carousel image
  • Medescan RC008 Touchless Thermometer carousel image
  • Medescan RC008 Touchless Thermometer carousel image
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CHOICE Expert Rating


What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

Good points

• Claimed accuracy achieved.
• Recalibration option.
• Custom high temperature alert/ alarm.
• Fever alert Indicator (temperature dependent screen colour).
• Voice narration of temperature.
• Room and surface temperature modes.
• Up to 32 stored previous measurements.
• Mute function.
• Large display.
• Excellent instructions.

Bad points

• No off button (automatic shut off only).
Recommended View more details.

We recommend thermometers that score at least 75% overall, and are accurate and easy to use. Any button batteries must also be secure.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

The CHOICE Expert Rating consists of 60% performance (accuracy and repeatability, evenly weighted) and 40% ease of use.

Performance score View more details.

An average of the thermometer's accuracy and repeatability scores.

Ease of use score View more details.

Based on our tester's assessment of the on/off/start button(s), the instructions, the display, indicators for starting/completing the reading and changing the battery.

Ease of instructions View more details.

Whether the manual is easy to understand, with useful charts or diagrams and guidance on how to interpret body temperatures.

Ease of on off start View more details.

How easy it is to turn the unit on and start taking the temperature, as well as ease of switching off.

Ease of viewing display View more details.

Whether the display is easy to see and understand, and if there are fever indicators such as different screen colours.

Claimed accuracy achieved View more details.

Digital probe models are tested in our lab's accurate thermal bath. For infrared ear/forehead thermometers, our tester takes a range of readings on himself in appropriate conditions with a rest in between, and compares results to an accurate reference digital probe thermometer (used orally at the same time as the tested model). Infrared models should generally be within their claimed range of accuracy (+/-0.2C or +/-0.3C) of an oral reading.

Good repeatability View more details.

A good thermometer will give consistent readings.

Claimed time to complete a measurement (s) View more details.

The claimed time in seconds for the thermometer to take a reading.

Availability View more details.

'Tested models' are currently available. 'Discontinued models' were previously tested, but are now no longer available.

Tested model
Price View more details.

Recommended retail price as of May 2022. Many may be found on special, so shop around.

Measurement location View more details.

Where the unit takes your temperature.

Stated temperature range (°C) View more details.

As indicated. Some thermometers can also measure room temperatures and surface temperatures, so will cover a larger range than body temperatures.

32.0 to 42.9
Stated temperature it displays View more details.

What the instructions indicate is the kind of temperature, or temperature equivalent, displayed. This information is useful when interpreting readings.

Takes a patient's temperature via the temporal artery (infrared heat generated by arterial blood flow; 0.3 to 0.6 lower than an oral temperature).
Stated accuracy (°C) View more details.

Claimed accuracy, usually found in the instructions. Most digital probe thermometers have a claimed accuracy within 0.1°C; and for other types it's usually 0.2°C.

±0.2 at 35.0 to 42.0 ±0.3 at 42.1 to 42.9
Recommended interval of repeat measurements View more details.

The recommended time to wait between readings.

1 minute Take at least three readings and always note the highest reading obtained
Ambient temperature range (°C) View more details.

Whether the model can be used as a room thermometer, and any stated range of measurable temperatures, if indicated.

Dimensions (mm, L x W x D)
175 x 50 x 40
Weight (g) View more details.

Weight of the thermometer in grams.

Number of previous measurements remembered View more details.

The number of memory spaces for recording previous temperature measurements.

Auto off (approximate time) View more details.

The time it takes for the model to turn itself off to save battery life.

30 s
Battery View more details.

Type of battery required. Many require the use of button batteries which are dangerous when swallowed.

2x AA
Warranty (yr) View more details.

Note that under Australian Consumer Law you also have rights including replacement, refund and compensation for goods not of an acceptable quality.

Country of origin
Option for either °C or °F View more details.

Whether the thermometer can be switched between displaying in degrees Celsius (centigrade) and Fahrenheit.

Date display View more details.

Whether it displays the date.

Time display View more details.

Whether it displays the time.

Backlit display View more details.

Models with a backlit display are easier to read, and can be useful if you don't want to turn on the room light and wake your child.

Protective cap or cover View more details.

Whether it comes with a protective cap/cover to avoid damage.

Disposable sensor shield View more details.

Some ear and probe thermometers require or recommend use of a disposable shield, and these are indicated here. These models come with a pack of shields but you'll need to buy more when those are used up.

Waterproof View more details.

Whether the thermometer is waterproof. Products with a stated ingress protection (IP) rating of IP21 or IP22 can withstand light water sprays or condensation when slightly tilted.

Cleaning instructions supplied View more details.

Whether the unit comes with cleaning instructions.

Audible completion signal View more details.

Whether a beep, series of beeps or similar sounds once a reading is completed.

Single beep and voice
Fever alert indicator View more details.

Sometimes displayed as a colour-coded light or a series of beeps to suggest whether a fever is present.

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