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iCandy Peach Blossom 3 review

Single + extra seat double stroller. Priced at $1664.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

Our overall score is based on a combination of performance (70%) and ease of use (30%). Our observations are based on the latest voluntary Australian standard AS/NZS 2088:2013, which we want more manufacturers to work towards meeting.

Our Recommended models meet all safety requirements, but may fail some very minor information requirements (such as instructions and labelling).

Some lower-scoring models (in the 60–69% range) are worth considering if they meet all key safety requirements, but fail some minor points (such as finger entrapment).

Models scoring below 50% usually fail at least one major safety requirement and are not recommended.

Performance score View more details.

Our performance score is based on selected tests to AS/NZS 2008:2013. Models that pass all tests score 100 for performance; models with very minor failures score 80; models with other failures score 65 or less, depending on the severity of the failures. We test to the mandatory standard from 2000 too, but our recommendations are based on the latest voluntary standard which we believe is better at targeting issues around stability and harness safety.

We hope by basing our recommendations on the 2013 version, we'll encourage the industry to do likewise and encourage the regulatory bodies to update the mandatory requirements to the latest standard.
Ease of use score View more details.

The ease of use score is our assessment of the seat recline functions, using the harness, and various activities such as loading and unloading the basket, using the brakes and locking the front wheel. Our testers fold and unfold the strollers, push them over rough terrain, up and down stairs and through doorways, and even assess how easily they fit into the boot of a family car.

Passed key safety tests View more details.

Our test is based on the Australian standard for strollers, AS/NZS 2088:2013. We carry out various tests, including checking that the harness straps are adjustable and of adequate length; the child is securely restrained; folding mechanisms are safe and secure; and there are no sharp edges or possible entrapment points for fingers or limbs. We also test the stability of the stroller and that the brakes work well. A stroller that meets these crucial tests is worth considering.

Passed durability tests View more details.

Durability tests are based on Australian standard for strollers, AS/NZS 2088:2013. Our testers put the strollers on our 'rolling road' rig for 64 hours at a speed of 5km/h. All the strollers are also attached to a machine that continuously simulates the action of mounting a kerb. These tests show whether anything breaks, falls off or stops working properly after regular use.

Recommended View more details.

These models pass all key safety tests, but might have very minor failures such as with the information on their labels.

Discontinued model
Price View more details.

Recommended retail, or the price we paid.

Number of wheels
Seats suitable for newborn View more details.

Whether one or both of the seats can recline fully to create a flat sleeping surface for an infant. "Main seat" refers to the single stroller's seat in a Single + Toddler seat model.

Rear only
Maximum recommended weight of each child View more details.

The specified maximum weight for each seat. This can vary depending on the configuration.

Bottom basket capacity View more details.

The maximum load in kg stated for the storage basket beneath the seats.

Stroller weight View more details.

Including supplied accessories, rounded to the nearest 0.1kg.

Width (cm) View more details.

Maximum dimensions when in use, rounded up to the next centimetre.

Height (cm) View more details.

Maximum dimensions when in use, rounded up to the next centimetre.

Depth (cm) View more details.

Maximum dimensions when in use, rounded up to the next centimetre.

Reversible handle
Reversible seat direction View more details.

Whether one, both or neither seat can be reversed so that the seated children face you. 

Only in single-seat mode
Height adjustable handle
Reclining seats or backrests View more details.

Whether one or both of the seats can recline, by reclining the backrest or the whole seat.

Front bar or tray View more details.

Whether the front seat (or both seats) has a bar or tray for the child to hold or use.

Rear brakes View more details.

Linked: one brake pedal or lever locks both rear wheels at once.

Individual: the rear wheels have to be locked separately.


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