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Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet 41100-08 review

Stand-alone bassinet. Priced at $199.

CHOICE Expert Rating


What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

Good points

• Foldable and has a carry bag.
• Insect cover.

Bad points

• Serious safety failure: 1. There are substantial areas of non-breathable zones all the way around the top of the mattress, a suffocation risk if a baby rolls face first into them. 2. The supplied mattress is insufficiently firm at particular puffed areas, a suffocation risk if a baby rolls face first into them. The manufacturer disputes our findings and has provided us with test certificates saying the bassinet has passed the applicable US and European standards for bassinets and cradles.
• No castors.
CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

Based on our safety performance test. Recommended models meet all key safety requirements and score at least 80% for performance. Some lower-scoring models (60-65%) may still be worth considering if they meet all key safety requirements, but fail on minor points such as finger entrapment.

Ease of use score View more details.

We rate the ease of assembly and/or ease of installation, where applicable. We currently do not have scores for all products tested, so ease of use does not factor into the overall score.

Passes key safety requirements View more details.

There is no Australian standard for bassinets, so we use our own in-house method that is based on a typical home setting and rate whether the bassinet meets key safety requirements. We also adapt methods from other standards. See our how we test article for details.

Recommended View more details.

CHOICE only recommends babies' and kids' products that meet strict safety criteria. A Recommended product scores at least 80% for performance and meets all of our safety requirements.

Price View more details.

Typical price as of March 2021.

Height (cm) View more details.

Refers to height of the entire unit, not the bassinet compartment height.

Depth (cm) View more details.

Refers to depth of the entire unit, not the bassinet compartment depth.

Width (cm) View more details.

Refers to width of the entire unit, not the bassinet compartment width.

Origin View more details.

Stated country of origin.

Bassinet compartment depth View more details.

Bassinet compartments should be at least 250mm deep from the top of the mattress to prevent fall risks.

Recommended capacity View more details.

The recommended capacity is taken from the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, bassinets should not be used by the time the infant begins to roll over or sit up by itself.

6.8 kg
Rocking View more details.

A rocking or similar mode can be good for calming your child or helping them to sleep.

Castors or wheels View more details.

Whether the bassinet has castors or wheels to make it easier to move around. All the models with castors/wheels have lockable brakes on at least two of them. For some models without castors, they may be available as an optional extra.

Storage View more details.

Whether the bassinet has a bottom shelf or tray, pockets or other options for storing nappies etc.

Bassinet capsule can be carried separately from its stand View more details.

Whether you can take the bassinet off the stand, to transport baby from room to room.

Foldable stand View more details.

Useful when storing or transporting the bassinet. For some models, the bassinet folds with the stand; for others only the stand folds.


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