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Organature Innerspring Mattress Cot 69 review

Priced at $526.

CHOICE Expert Rating


What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

Good points

• Double sided.

Bad points

• Serious safety failures: 1. Insufficient firmness based on the standard test, creating a risk of suffocation. 2. The actual thickness is 6cms greater than what's stated on the product website. Depending on the cot depth, this could pose a fall risk.
• Minor safety failure: The actual length is 2.5cms greater than what's stated on the product website. A tight fitting mattress could impede the movement of a dropside; or could cause sections of the mattress to deform and create a stepping aid which would reduce the safety provided by the height of a cot's sides. Ensure your mattress is not too tight in your cot.
• Very minor safety failure: The actual width is 2cms greater than what's stated on the product website.

The manufacturer responded to our findings, stating that "because it is made from a breathing fibre there is unlikely to be a suffocation hazard". Note: We currently do not test chemical content in mattresses as there is no evidence linking this factor to SUDI risk

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