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Chicco 360° review

Clip-on portable baby seat. Priced at $149.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

Our overall score is based on our safety tests. Models with no failures score 100%; models with only very minor failures score 80%. Models with minor failures score 60% to 65% and models with major failures score 20% to 40%, depending on the number of failures.

Passed key safety requirements View more details.

There's no Australian standard for portable baby seats, so our tests are based on relevant clauses from the Australian standard for high chairs AS 4684, plus some tests from the standards for cots, folding cots and toys. We also refer to some clauses of the European and US standards for portable high chairs. The most important tests include whether the seat anchors firmly to the chair or table, whether it has any head entrapment gaps or strangulation hazards, and an adequate harness or other retention system (such as high enough sides). Floor seats (which sit on the ground) are not penalised for having side protection that is less than 170mm, as the risk of injury is far lower. 

Recommended View more details.

We recommend models that score at least 80% overall. These pass all our key safety tests. There may be a few small failures with issues such as inconspicuous warning messages when the seat is in use.

Status View more details.

'Tested model' means you ought to be able to find this product in retailers.

Discontinued model
Price View more details.

Recommended or typical retail price.

Harness type View more details.

We recommend products with a 5-point harness (shoulders, waist and crotch straps), or a 4-point harness plus a hard crotch barrier. 3-point harnesses (waist and crotch straps only) are usually not enough to stop a child pushing or standing up, which increases the risk of falling.

Floor-mounted seats don't need a harness as the risk of injury from falling is low. Harness buckles should be easy for you, but not for your child, to release.

Recommended tabletop thickness View more details.

This applies only to clip-on chairs.

19 to 90 mm
Recommended capacity View more details.

The recommended weight and/or age of the child.

Over 6 months; Up to 15 kg
Dimensions (cm)
47 x 39 x 73
Dimensions when folded (cm) View more details.

Portable baby seats that can be folded, rolled up or transformed into a carrybag, can be convenient. Where applicable, the dimensions when folded tell you how compact these seats can be.

Weight (kg)
Tray View more details.

A tray can be handy for feeding and playtime. If provided, the tray should be secure when fitted but easy to remove, attach and adjust.


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