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Should you buy the DeLonghi toaster, kettle and coffee machine from Aldi?

The German retailer is selling them on the cheap on Wednesday 22 November, but are they any good?

delonghi toasters kettles and espresso machine on teal
Last updated: 20 November 2023

Need to know

  • Aldi is selling the DeLonghi Argento kettle for $69.99, the Argento 4-slice toaster for $89.99 and the Dedica espresso machine for $179 as part of its Special Buy deals on Wednesday 22 November
  • We've tested all three of them and they didn't perform particularly well
  • These are great prices for DeLonghi products generally, and cheaper than those found at other retailers
delonghi argento toaster kettle images aldi

The DeLonghi Argento kettle and toaster come in black or white, as well as teal or apricot.

People go wild for Aldi's weekly Special Buys, and sometimes you can pick up some great deals: think cheap Dyson vacuums, refurbished iPhones, a budget bed-in-a-box mattress and robot vacuums for bargain prices.

But while the prices are good, sometimes the deals aren't quite as good as they appear. 

If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen, you might be tempted by Aldi's deal this Wednesday 22 November: DeLonghi Argento kettles for $69.99, Argento 4-slice toasters for $89.99 and Dedica coffee machines for $179.

These discontinued kettles and toasters come in a range of colours: black, white, teal and apricot. The espresso machine is available in red or white.

While this deal is hot, will you get burnt if you take it up? We take a look at the pros and cons.


  • $69.99 for a DeLonghi kettle and $89.99 for a DeLonghi 4-slice toaster is a good price. Before they were discontinued, the RRP for the kettle was $99
    and the toaster was $109. (For context, other DeLonghi kettles retail for anything from $89 to $119, and DeLonghi 4-slice toasters retail for $139 to $229).
  • Other retailers, such as Kogan, and are selling similar kettles for upwards of $89 each and toasters from $139 (plus delivery costs for some retailers), so Aldi looks like one of the cheapest places to buy a DeLonghi kettle and toaster. 
  • $179 for an espresso machine is a steal. When we tested the Dedica, it cost $339. While this particular model is no longer available, a metallic version is selling on some sites for as much as $499. 
  • If you can nab both the toaster and kettle at the same time, you'll have a matching pair which can help tie your kitchen aesthetic together. If you buy them in white and also pick up the white coffee machine, you'll have three matching appliances for your bench.


  • The Argento range and the Dedica machine are all discontinued.
  • You'll need to go instore to buy. However, if you buy from another retailer you may be able to have it delivered. 
  • Neither the DeLonghi Argento toaster or kettle scored particularly well in CHOICE's expert tests. The Dedica coffee machine was similarly underwhelming.
  • Aldi Special Buys often sell out quickly, and it's hard to tell whether your local store will have much stock. 
  • With the Black Friday sales upon us, and Boxing Day just around the corner, you may be able to pick up a good deal on a similar product online. We've tested kettles ranging from $24 to $269 and toasters ranging from $25 to $499, so check our reviews before you bag yourself a bargain in the sales. 

Things to consider before you buy

When we tested the Argento Flora 4-slice toaster, we gave it a CHOICE Expert Score of just 58%. It wasn't great at toasting frozen or multigrain bread, and didn't do a particularly good job of producing the same toast colour cycle after cycle. 

The DeLonghi Argento KBX2016.W1 kettle was similarly disappointing: our experts gave it a CHOICE Expert Rating of just 66% overall. It was very noisy, awkward to use, and took a huge 3 minutes 18 seconds to boil.

And finally, the DeLonghi Dedica EC680.M was rated at 58% by our experts. It wasn't great at frothing milk and created pretty terrible-tasting coffee.

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