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3 toasters to avoid buying

These models from Kambrook, Sunbeam and DeLonghi definitely won't give you the toast with the most.

toaster and sad toast
Last updated: 25 June 2020

They're only toasters, you may think, how bad could they be? Well, it turns out even toasters can give you buyer's remorse. For many of us, a nicely warmed, crunchy piece of toast is one of the first things we wake up to, so it's not really something you want to mess with.

Unfortunately, some of the models we tested won't be the toast of the town anytime soon. One of them even had the dubious honour of being awarded a CHOICE Shonky in 2018 for failing at its only job: the Kitchenaid toaster that didn't even toast. Instead of a lovely golden brown slice just waiting for lashings of butter, it left us with a slightly warm, dry piece of white bread. 

In our most recent toaster tests, we uncovered some serious bread winners and some crummy contenders. To help you start the day right, here are the three worst to avoid.

kambrook profile toaster

This four-slice Kambrook Profile toaster performed poorly in our tests.

Kambrook Profile KT460

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 52%
  • Toasting evenness score: 40%
  • Single-slice toasting score: 55%
  • Price: $70

You won't be toasting the success of this Kambrook number when it comes to your morning slice. Not only is it painfully slow, taking 5 minutes and 40 seconds to toast a slice of bread (the longest time out of all the toasters we've tested – our two top-performers take just 3 minutes), but it only scored 40% for toasting multigrain bread. And with an overall score of just 52%, it falls far behind all the other toasters we've tested, by a long margin.

There are definitely better ways you could spend $70. Next! 

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sunbeam quantum plus 4 slice toaster ta2340

Unevenly toasted bread, delivered consistently: the Sunbeam Quantum Plus 4 Slice Toaster.

Sunbeam Quantum Plus 4 Slice Toaster TA2340

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 60%
  • Toasting evenness score: 30%
  • Single-slice toasting score: 65%
  • Price: $45

Although it's at the cheaper end of the price spectrum at $45, this Sunbeam toaster is anything but a little ray of sunshine to use. It scored a tepid 30% for toasting evenness, and a lukewarm 48% for toasting frozen bread. It does rate well for consistency, but considering that it doesn't toast well in the first place, that just means that you'll end up with consistently average toast. 

But don't write off the Sunbeam brand altogether – other Sunbeam models have performed well in our tests. To find out which ones, check our toaster reviews.

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delonghi brillante exclusive ctjx4003bk

Style over substance: the DeLonghi Brillante Exclusive CTJX4003.BK.

DeLonghi Brillante Exclusive CTJX4003.BK

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 61%
  • Toasting evenness score: 60%
  • Single-slice toasting score: 55%
  • Price: $125

If you're after the perfect slice, you won't find it here. This DeLonghi toaster may look stylish on your kitchen bench but scores a paltry 57% for performance. It was particularly poor at toasting frozen bread, scoring just 45% and toasting a single slice of bread, scoring 55%. 'Brillante' by name but not by nature, it's also not great at toasting evenly or consistently. 

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