Claims Thermomix exploding mixing bowl still a safety risk

4 March 2016 | New sealing rings sent out in 2014 apparently haven't solved the problem

Claims faulty sealing ring still causing problems

Correction: A previous version of this article said that customers were still waiting on sealing rings, expected to arrive in Australia within the next three weeks. This was incorrect, and has been rectified in the current version on advice from Vorwerk.

A faulty sealing ring in some TM31 Thermomix models is still causing problems. In 2014, the issue led to a listing on Australia's national product recalls site, which warned that users could be scalded if the Thermomix is switched to the lid-open position at high speed.

"In rare circumstances, the potential product defect could lead to a scald or burn for the user if liquid or food splashes out of the mixing bowl," the recalls site says.

Who knew food processing could be so dangerous, especially when it's the king of all kitchen units in question?

Thermomix in Australia was fined $4.6 million in April 2018 for misleading customers about the burn risks of their TM31 model. CHOICE found the TM5 Thermomix to be an excellent all-in-one kitchen machine but we suspended our recommendation due to substandard customer care.

Thermomix owners have recently posted social media shots of what they claim are burns from such incidents, as well as video of hot liquid spilling out of the bowl.

"If you have an old model Thermomix and have concerns around the product's safety, don't hesitate to contact the company. And you can seek a remedy under Australian Consumer Law," said CHOICE spokesperson and head of content Tom Godfrey.

Thermomix supplier, Vorwerk Elektowerke, didn't think consumers should be too concerned back when the product warning was published. 

A legal representative of the manufacturer says it has now sent new mixing bowl sealing rings to all potentially affected Australian customers who own Thermomix TM31 appliances.

Thermomix safety tips

According to Vorwerk, customers can continue to safely use any potentially affected products by following these steps:

1. After using speeds of level 4 or above, turn the speed selector down to level 1.
2. Leave the speed selector on level 1 for three seconds.
3. Turn the speed selector to 'open lid' and carefully open the lid.

What CHOICE wants

It's simple – we think there's still an issue out there and have asked the ACCC to intervene.

"We have asked the ACCC to investigate the advice to consumers about how to safely use the product," says Mr Godfrey.

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