The competition continues to heat up for the title of best all-in-one kitchen machine. If you're a novice when it comes to cooking or just don't have the time to spend slaving over the stove, one of these kitchen machines might interest you: they're making their mark and proving their worth in the kitchen. At the moment, the Thermomix still gets all the attention, reigning supreme as the king of the kitchen. Can one of the new contenders make it sweat for the title? Take a look at our results.

There are four new machines to look out for - the Tefal Cuisine Companion, Kenwood kCook, KitchenAid Cook Processor and Bellini Super Cook Kitchen Machine. Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE's test kitchen, has now put these Thermomix rivals to the test – take a look at the results.

Thermomix in Australia was fined $4.6 million in April 2018 for misleading customers about the burn risks of their TM31 model. CHOICE found the TM5 Thermomix to be an excellent all-in-one kitchen machine but we suspended our recommendation due to substandard customer care.

Tefal Cuisine Companion


Said to be a "kitchen wonder machine" the French-made Tefal Cuisine Companion claims to be perfect for chopping, whipping, mixing, kneading, cooking, steaming, blending, stirring, emulsifying, whisking, searing, crushing, milling and precise heating. It comes with five attachments, as well as a spatula and kitchen scale. If you're after total control, you can use the manual mode to set the time, speed and temperature but it also comes with six automatic programs for sauces, soups, slow cooking, steaming, pastries and desserts. Coming up with ideas at meal time shouldn't be a problem with the One Million Menus cookbook that's included. There's also an online Cuisine Companion Club where you can view, rate and share recipes.

Kenwood kCook Multi-Cooker


Kenwood says the kCook CCC201WH is a "one-pot solution", with the ability to chop, blend, stir and cook in one bowl. With it, you receive a processing blade, stirring paddle and steaming basket, and its 1.5L stainless steel bowl caters for a family of four. It has three preset settings for soups and sauces, steaming and one-pot meals like risottos but you can also adjust the time and temperature manually. You can access a large range of step-by-step recipes by downloading the free kCook app.

KitchenAid Cook Processor


In KitchenAid's trademark design this one looks like an appliance you'd like to show off on your benchtop. It can chop, mince, puree, flip, stir, make dough, whip, emulsify, mix, cook and steam. With six automatic functions plus manual mode, we'll see if its work is as good as its looks. The KitchenAid is set to be released at the end of March.

Bellini Super Cook Kitchen Machine


The Super Cook Kitchen Machine BTMKM800X has 13 cooking functions, scales, 10 speeds, a 2L cooking jar and the ability to operate at up to 130°C. It comes with a steam tray, measuring cup, stainless steel knife, stainless steel jar, cooking basket, whisk paddle, spatula, recipe book and SD card. The SD card houses the recipes for step-by-step cooking which gets inserted into the removable Yumi control module (the control panel for the machine). Recipes that you create using the manual mode can also be saved on the SD card as well as any recipes you've downloaded from the Yumi app.