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Should you buy a cheap Aldi fan?

Aldi’s Special Buys are hot property, and now Aldi is selling fans. But should you buy one or will it send you into a spin?

aldi ceiling fan cooling sale should you buy aldi
Last updated: 18 October 2019

Need to know

  • Aldi are selling cheap pedestal fans, tower fans, ceiling fans and air conditioners as ‘Cooling Special Buys’ on Wednesday 23 October.
  • If you're buying a fan, our experts give good advice to help you decide what to buy (although we haven't reviewed any of these particular products)
  • Our test results show that cheap pedestal fans and tower fans often perform well against more expensive models

Everyone, stay cool. Aldi are selling four different types of fan next Wednesday 23 October as part of their Special Buy promotion. And, as to be expected from the discount retailer, the prices are low: a 52-inch ceiling fan is $169, a 40cm DC motor pedestal fan is $79.99, a tower cooling fan is $39.99 and a high-velocity floor fan is $49.99. 

As we look down the barrel of a hot, dry summer, have you got all your cooling needs covered and should you consider buying one of these Aldi options to help you beat the heat?

Should you consider buying one of these Aldi options to help you beat the heat?

A reverse-cycle air conditioning unit and a portable air conditioner are also available as Aldi Special Buys, but we're big fans of fans right now (they're cheap, easy and portable, after all) so that's what we'll be talking about. Plus, not everyone is able to install air conditioning, and we all like to limit our energy bill shock at the end of a long summer, right?

Aldi Special Buys are famously available for a limited time only and only while stocks last in store, so read up on what's available and what our experts say:

Aldi 40cm pedestal fan

"We test a range of basic, traditional pedestal fans in our labs here at CHOICE alongside the more high-tech expensive models," says CHOICE homes expert Rebecca Ciaramidaro.

"Quite a few pedestal fans that we've tested are even cheaper than this Aldi one (which is $79.99). Although we haven't tested this particular model, we generally find that even the cheapest pedestal fans are effective at producing a decent airflow and cool breeze."

When choosing a pedestal fan, consider any added features that are important to you, such as multiple speed settings, timers and if it has a remote control. Check our pedestal fan reviews before you buy.

"It's worth noting that this Aldi pedestal fan has a two-year warranty," Rebecca says. "The majority of pedestal fans we test only have a one-year warranty so that's a plus." Read more here on using your warranty if you have a problem with a product

CHOICE tip: Not sure if you need a pedestal fan or a tower fan, or even what the difference is? Read our useful fan buying guide.

aldi floor tower fans cooling sale should you buy aldi

Aldi is selling cheap pedestal fans and tower fans as Special Buys next Wednesday 23 October.

Aldi tower fans

You may like to opt for a tower fan over a pedestal fan as they can be easier to clean, the blades are concealed if you're concerned about safety (around small children, for instance) and they generally take up less space than pedestal fans so can be easier to fit neatly in a corner.

Tower fans can be easier to clean, the blades are concealed, and they generally take up less space than pedestal fans

"We've tested two tower fans that are cheaper than this Aldi model (which is $39.99), and although they don't score highly enough to be 'Choice Recommended', they don't perform too badly," says Rebecca. 

"We give each fan a score for airflow and we measure the maximum and minimum noise you can expect from the fan in decibels. Generally, the cheaper tower fan models still get what we consider to be a 'good' score, just not quite enough to meet our Choice Recommended criteria."

This Aldi model has fairly standard features that are worth considering when you buy, such as a remote control and timer, and three speed settings and fan modes. It also has a one year warranty, which is common for these types of fan.

Aldi ceiling fan

"$169 for a DC ceiling fan with five-speed settings is great value," says CHOICE home expert, Denis Gallagher. "The Aldi model also has an integrated light and remote control, which are handy features that make this even better for value for money.

"In fact, out of the almost 40 DC ceiling fans we currently review in our labs, only one is at this price point and the cheapest DC fan with a light we tested will cost you $100 more."

Most DC fans cost around $300 but some can cost up to $1000. Fans using a direct current (DC) motor deliver good efficiency and can lower running costs, as you can adjust the speed and have greater control over air movement. 

For more tips on buying ceiling fans, read our ceiling fan buying guide.

Interested in air conditioning?

If the thought of a sweltering summer with just a fan to cool you down makes you break out in an anxious sweat, you may like to consider installing air conditioning. 

It can be quite an expensive, permanent investment though, so we advise you do your research before you buy. First, it's important to choose the right size air conditioner for the space you are cooling (the Aldi model on sale next week has a 5.1kW cooling and heating capacity). Second, ensure you'll have an idea of the running costs and installation process.

If you're renting, you may like to look at a portable air-conditioner unit instead, so you can move it from room to room (see How do I install a portable air conditioner?). For more tips, read our air-conditioner buying guide

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