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Australia's most reliable smartphone brands

The smartphone brands that hold up best over time, as chosen by CHOICE members.

dropped and broken smartphone with cracked screen
Last updated: 23 July 2020

About the scores


Reliability figures are based on owner assessment, not test data. We use the data we collect from members to rate the most popular brands for reliability. We take into account the age of the products so we can compare fairly between brands.

Owner satisfaction

We asked owners to tell us what they thought of the products they own, rating them from 'Excellent' to 'Terrible'. We've used this information to give each brand an owner satisfaction rating so you can see what people who use the brand day in, day out, think of them.

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The top performers

Most reliable smartphone brands: Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Motorola

Highest owner satisfaction: Apple

Main problems: Battery draining quickly/degraded battery life, cracked screen/broken screen, poor/faulty cellular reception (3G/4G/5G)

This year, 4298 people told us about their smartphone:

  • Over half (57%) of the respondents had an Apple smartphone
  • 27% had a Samsung
  • The rest of the brands had very little market share.

For reliability and satisfaction, we looked at a five-year purchase period, 2015–19. Huawei, Samsung, Oppo and Motorola all achieved reliability scores of over 80% – significantly higher than Apple and Google. Owner satisfaction, however, was highest for Apple. Service satisfaction was also higher for Apple than Samsung.

Of those who bought their smartphones in the last five years: 

  • 39% have experienced problems with their device
  • 16% complained about degraded battery life or that it drains quickly 
  • 7% had cracked/broken screens
  • 6% said the cellular reception is poor/faulty
  • 17% had contacted the brand for service support and nearly half (46%) of them did so due to a minor failure
  • Apple owners (19%) are more likely to complain about degraded battery life than Motorola (4%), Oppo (3%) and Samsung (12%) owners.

Apple owners are also the most likely to say they'd buy another Apple smartphone again, mostly because they had good experience, familiarity and compatibility with other Apple products they own. As reflected in the high user satisfaction and service satisfaction scores, Apple owners say it's a high quality product, easy to use and reliable, and provides excellent service. 

Many Samsung owners were happy with their smartphone, but there were also a lot of mentions of problems, such as battery and motherboard. 

Huawei got a lot of compliments on good battery life, but many were concerned that Google no longer supports the brand.

Smartphone brand performance
Brand  Reliability score (%)*  Satisfaction score (%)
Huawei (60)  85 83
Samsung (1170)  82 86
Oppo (100)  82 83
Motorola (100) 81 86
Apple (2450) 77 89
Google Pixel (122)  74 87
Other brands (296) 77 81

Number in brackets shows the sample size. * Differences of 6% or more are significantly different.

Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.