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Soundbar reviews

We test 18 soundbars in the CHOICE labs including models from Samsung, Sonos, LG, Yamaha and more.

Last updated: 11th November 2015

Soundbars are a compromise in the audio stakes, so don't expect them to deliver "cinema" surround sound like a home theatre system – or even hi-fi quality. But they can deliver good sound and are a really practical solution for smaller rooms or when you don't want the clutter of multiple speakers.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of these TV audio enhancers. Any of the 18 soundbars we tested will deliver a better sound than you're getting from your TV speakers.

Use our test results to find out which ones:

  • are best suited to your TV and your room
  • are easy to operate
  • have the best remote
  • are the most energy efficient.

Not sure if a soundbar is the right solution for you? Read our soundbar buying guide first.

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