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 Australia’s most reliable TV sound systems

CHOICE members reveal their favourite home hi-fi brands in our reliability and satisfaction survey.

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Last updated: 31 July 2020

Though TVs come with built-in speakers, the audio quality rarely compares to a good soundbar or dedicated surround system. But it's not just a matter of plug and play; there are many different set-ups to choose from, as well as many manufacturers that claim to make the best equipment.

This year we added TV sound systems to our reliability survey. More than 6000 members took part in our 2020 survey and, of them, 46% said they had bought a TV sound system brand new. We asked them:

  • about what kind of equipment they own
  • which manufacturer made it
  • whether they were satisfied with their purchase
  • if the product broke down.

We conduct these surveys to find out how certain products and brands perform over time, which is something we can't test in our labs. You can use this alongside our home audio tests, such as soundbars, to find reliable products that perform well and suit your needs.

Note, this survey is in the context of audio equipment connected to a TV. It does not look at products like music hi-fi, Bluetooth speakers and so on.

Brand reliability results are for CHOICE members only.

Our guide to buying the best soundbars is free and has lots of great information and advice.

Our brand reliability scores helps guide you when choosing a product – with the knowledge that the brand is well regarded by CHOICE members for customer satisfaction and reliability.

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