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CHOICE examines the funeral industry

May 2021

lots of flowers on a coffin at a funeral the hidden costs of a funeral

In mid-2019 CHOICE began an extensive investigation into the consumer experience of arranging funerals. Our work found that the funeral industry is rife with poor practices that leave grieving people vulnerable and perhaps worse off. Unclear pricing, misinformation, fees for no service and a highly concentrated market where the true ownership of funeral providers is obfuscated are just some of the poor practices we uncovered.

This led to CHOICE requesting an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) market study into the funeral industry to shine a spotlight on the industry's shady practices. We're also calling on all states and territories to introduce rules requiring funeral providers to display the cost of funeral goods and services – a common practice in most other industries – so that consumers can easily access basic pricing information when they're at their most vulnerable.

Download submissions and public complaints (PDF)

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