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What is Voice Your CHOICE?

A people-based research program designed to capture your opinions and feedback on a range of different topics.


Need to know

  • You can get involved in our research through surveys and focus groups.
  • Have your say on what's important to Australian consumers.
  • This research feeds directly into our magazine and digital content, and ideas for future articles and campaigning work. 

Your input, opinions and feedback help guide our work. 

This is why we created our people-based research program, Voice Your CHOICE, to systematically and rigorously collect the points of view of Australian consumers.

Voice Your CHOICE is designed by CHOICE's Consumer Insights team to capture your opinions and feedback on a range of topics including: 

  • the products and services you use
  • cost of living pressures
  • other issues you're experiencing as a consumer
  • CHOICE Magazine and 

Since inception in 2014, Voice Your CHOICE has: 

  • guided improvements on how we test products 
  • contributed to investigations that have led to changes across industries 
  • recruited taste testers for various supermarket foods we've reviewed
  • contributed to many years of product reliability ratings.

You're likely to have come across insights gathered through Voice Your CHOICE when browsing the CHOICE website or reading the CHOICE Magazine

Interested in sharing your opinion?

Sign up to Voice Your CHOICE and you'll soon receive your first invitation to a CHOICE research activity. 

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