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CHOICE Recommended

Want to make the right choice when you're out and about? The CHOICE Recommended scheme makes shopping easier.

CHOICE allows manufacturers to use the CHOICE Recommended logo on a range of products, so you can make the right choice in a flash. Of course we don't just give this recommendation to just anyone – the program is subject to licence conditions and can only be used by companies with a product that has met CHOICE's strict testing standards for performance and excellence.

How it works

  • CHOICE has always been in the business of testing products so we can help you buy the best.
  • Manufacturers and businesses can now apply for a non-exclusive licence to use a CHOICE Recommended logo if their model appears in a CHOICE 'What to Buy' list in CHOICE magazine or online.
  • Licenses are valid for six or 12 months depending on the cycle of CHOICE testing.
  • The CHOICE Recommended logo can be used for marketing only the models that are recommended by CHOICE
  • Fees are used for administration and investment into further CHOICE testing and research.
  • The logo carries the date of the CHOICE recommendation (month/year).
  • Any model recommended in the CHOICE 'What to Buy' list for products that have been through our rigorous, defensible schedule of testing based on Australian or International Standards or developed by CHOICE experts, is eligible to apply for a licence.


CHOICE buys all the products we test anonymously. The CHOICE Recommended scheme is a by-product of our testing and does not determine what products we test. 

Funds from license fees cover administration, policing of abuse and staffing. Any surplus funds are re-invested into the CHOICE testing program. The fee structure is dependent on the length of the licence, the number of products licensed by the same manufacturer and the nature of its use.

For more information on fees contact

For further information or to apply contact or phone (02) 9577 3378.

Models licensed to carry the logo

Aldi logo

ALDI Logix Platinum Dishwasher Detergent Tablets

ALDI AAA Activ Energy Battery 

ALDI Trimat Advanced Concentrate Front Loader Laundry Powder

ANZ Home & Content Insurance

Bosch Athlet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

Bosch Benchtop Mixer MUM57860AU

Bosch Condense Dryer WTB86200AU 

Bosch Gas Cooktop PCR915B91A

Bosch logo

Breville Juice Fountain Max BJE410 

Breville Juice Fountain Compact BJE200 

Cell 8 Aspera R5 Mobile Phone 

Coles Top Loader Laundry Detergent

Coles Front Loader Laundry Detergent

Cleanstar Zelmer Solaris VZ5000HQ Vacuum Cleaner

Duracell Ultra AA Battery 

Fantastic Furniture Little Star (Sunbury) Cot

Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Lemon

fisher & paykel logo

Fisher & Paykel RF522WDRX Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel E422BRE4 Refrigerator (includes BRE3, BRX and BRXFD models)

Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator (includes BRE3, BRX and BRXFD models)

Fisher & Paykel RF522ADX4 (includes W4 model) 

Fisher & Paykel WL7068P1 Washing Machine

Fisher & Paykel DE8060P2 Dryer

Fisher & Paykel DW60CHW1/X1 Dishwasher

Ionmax ION612 Dehumidifier

Ionmax ION632 Dehumidifier

LG P24AWN-14 Air Conditioner

LG S24AWN-14 Air Conditioner

LG W24AWN-14 Air Conditioner

LG WD14024D6 Washing Machine

LG WD12021D6 Washing Machine

LG WD14130D6 Washing Machine

LG GN450UWL Refrigerator

Liebherr WKb 1712 Wine Cellar

Liebherr WKEes 553 Wine Cellar

Mitsubishi SRK63ZMA-S Split System Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi SRK20ZMXA-S Split System Air Conditioner 

Mitsubishi SRK92ZMA-S Split System Air Conditioner

Momento Photobook

Nature’s Organics Earth Choice All in 1 Auto Dishwasher Tablets

OMO Ultimate Top Loader and Front Loader Laundry Detergent

Sebo Airbelt K3 Vacuum Cleaner

Smeg DWA315W Dishwasher

Tasman Eco Capri Cot 

Tasman Eco Siena Cot 

Tasman Eco Tuscany Cot

Weber BBQ Genesis E330

Weber BBQ Spirit E320 LP

Weber BBQ Q3100 LP

Weber BBQ Q2200 LP