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A bad wrap: Cling wraps to avoid

CHOICE reveals which cling wraps score poorly for ease of use.

New CHOICE testing has revealed which cling wraps you should avoid in your next grocery shop. 

CHOICE experts tested 23 types of cling wrap that you're likely to find in major supermarkets, as well as some products that are available online.

"We found that all the cling wraps in our testing performed well in terms of adherence and how they go when used in a microwave, but they do really vary when it comes to ease of use," says CHOICE Editor, Marg Rafferty. 

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"Ease of use is an important thing to consider when purchasing cling wrap. We all know how annoying it can be when you're quickly trying to pack lunch in the morning, and the cling wrap keeps getting jammed or sticking to itself."

"When testing ease of use, CHOICE marks a product down if the cling wrap gets caught, splits easily, clings to itself, the roll jams, or if you can easily scratch yourself with the cutting edge," says Rafferty. 

The cling wraps which scored lowest for ease of use are: 

Ecoduz Compostable Cling Wrap 100m

Ease of use score: 40% 

Bio Tuff Compostable Cling Wrap 30m (100 perforated sheets)

Ease of use score: 43% 

Compostic 100% Home Compostable Cling Wrap 30m

Ease of use score: 43% 

Great Wrap Home Compostable Cling Wrap 30m

Ease of use score: 43% 

Sugar Wrap Eco Cling Wrap 100% Compostable 30m

Ease of use score: 43% 

Infographic available for embedding here:

"If you're looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to cling wrap, there are lots of products out there that you can use," says Rafferty. 

"Wax wraps are one popular alternative to cling wrap. These cloth wraps are coated with beeswax, soy, or other plant waxes, which makes them flexible and helps them stick to food or containers. Silicone food huggers or reusable silicone film are also a good option for people looking to reduce their cling wrap use."

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Media contact: Katelyn Cameron, 0430 172 669, 

Editor's notes: 

How we test:

CHOICE assessed how well each cling wrap adhered and then resealed to different cookware materials - a pyrex bowl, a porcelain ceramic dish, a plastic bowl and an aluminium bowl. We also conducted a microwave reheating test to see if the cling film could withstand heat and any contact with fatty, hot food without shrinking or breaking. We assessed ease of use by checking how easy it was to open the packaging, and dispense the cling wrap. We also checked how neat the cut was and the positioning of the serrated edge.

CHOICE Expert Rating is made up of performance (70%) and ease of use (30%). We recommend cling wraps that have a CHOICE Expert Rating of at least 70% and ease of use of at least 60%.