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How to prepare for flood insurance claims: CHOICE

Steps Australians can take to prepare for an insurance claim.


Infographic available for embedding:

With large parts of Australia already impacted by floods and many people still at risk over the coming days, consumer group CHOICE has released steps to help Australians prepare for insurance claims.

"Natural disasters can be one of the most complex issues to navigate when it comes to insurance," says CHOICE Insurance Expert Kate Bower.

"We know it's a stressful time for many Australians already impacted or at risk of floods, but there are some simple things you can do right now to make things easier should you need to make a claim," says Bower.

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Quotes attributable to Kate Bower, CHOICE Insurance Expert:

1. Keep it with you (your insurance documents)

"Your emergency and evacuation pack should have your insurance policy and contact details for your insurer ready to go. Having paper copies on hand and digital versions stored can make things easier if you need to evacuate your home."

2. Check your cover

"Get to know your insurance cover and check what you're covered for. Now is the time to know your policy inside and out."

3. Look at the numbers

"Are you insured for enough to cover your home and contents? Though it may be too late for the current situation and you may serve a waiting period to update your cover, it's better late than never."

4. Use the cloud

"When it comes to insurance claims, your smartphone is your friend. Take photos all across your home now – major features of the property, valuable possessions and anything that can help you demonstrate the before and after. Store these before photos in the cloud. If you need to make a claim and it's safe to do so, take extensive photos of the damage."

Kate Bower is available for interview.

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