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Top 5 most popular EOFYS buys: CHOICE

What to look for in the most popular EOFYS categories from CHOICE.

Consumer group CHOICE has released the top 5 most popular EOFYS searches from The list is dominated by big household purchases as Australians seek to make their homes clean and comfortable this winter.


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The most popular EOFYS buys* are:

1. Mattresses

2. Washing Machines

3. Electric heaters

4. Fridges

5. Televisions

*Top product reviews on from June 1-15, 2021

"The End of Financial Year Sales are a great time to pick up some bargains, provided you do your research and don't feel pressured to buy products that aren't right for you just because they're on sale," says CHOICE Consumer Advocate Jonathan Brown.

"We lab test products based on their real world usage and the most common features CHOICE members and the community are looking for. Remember that the sales are designed to make you feel like you're missing out - buy the product on sale if it's right for you, but with sales all year round now, there's no need to rush," says Brown.

CHOICE advice for the top 5 EOFYS buys

Quotes attributable to Jonathan Brown, CHOICE Consumer Advocate:

1. Mattresses

"When looking for a mattress this sales season, it's important to know what your sleeping style is. There's no point buying a mattress on sale that doesn't fit how you sleep. Be on the watch out for mattresses that advertise a high level of firmness, but don't deliver in the real world."

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2. Washing machines

"Front-loaders tend to perform better and use less water than top-loaders, but there are pros and cons to each type. You might be tempted to get a washer-dryer combo in the sales, but they can use a staggering amount of water if you're environmentally conscious."

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3. Electric heaters

"You're really better off investing in a good reverse-cycle air conditioner long term, but if you're going for a portable electric heater, it's vital that the heater circulates heat well. You can make the most of your heater by setting your ceiling fan to winter mode."

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4. Fridges

"There's nothing worse than buying a fridge and realising it's not big enough for everyone in your home. For a house of three to four people you'll need up to 530 litre capacity. Be careful of fridges that prioritise style over function as some popular brands like Smeg just don't refrigerate very well."

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5. Televisions

"TVs are constantly evolving, which can make your choice confusing, but the upside is you can get great discounts on last year's models if you know what to look for. If you learn the model codes, you can try and negotiate a better discount on the older models, which can still look and sound great."

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Editor's notes:

Smart shopping tips to live by

Before you hit the sales with credit cards blazing, there's some key things to keep in mind if you want to shop smart and dodge a dud. 

1. Expensive brands don't always perform better

Our product test results regularly disprove the age-old adage that 'you get what you pay for'. 

Our experts often see very pricey products underperform, while cheaper, lesser known ones shine. 

That's why it pays to do your homework and check our reviews.

2. A brand's product range can vary dramatically in quality 

It's another revelation our experts see all the time in their tests. A brand can boast some of the best performing products in a category... and some terrible ones too. 

It all depends on the build quality and design of each product, which is why individual reviews are so vital. 

3. Be critical of sale offers

Sure, one site is offering 20% off its usual price, but was it more expensive to start with compared to others? Before you 'add to cart', it's worth playing the field and sizing up the best deal and assessing delivery costs and times too.