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Rideshare service reviews

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Last updated: 17 April 2019


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We compare popular ridesharing apps including Uber, Ola and Sheba, and taxi booking apps including Ingogo, Rydo and Bolt to find out which ones are easiest to use and what features they offer.

Our hands-on test follows the same steps you would if you were booking a ride and tracking your journey (including safety features).

  • Our buying guide outlines how these services work and considers whether they're reputable or not.
  • How we test explains our rigorous assessment methods. We look at these services through the same eyes as a typical Australian booking a ride via an app.
  • Did you know CHOICE tests much more than just ridesharing services? Check out our top 50 reviews.
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We look at:

  • Ease of use when setting up the app, creating an account and booking a ride.
  • Tools and features that the app provides while riding.
  • Information that the app provides about the driver and their vehicle.
  • Safety/emergency features, and how easy it is to access them in the app while riding.
  • Additional features such as payment options, vehicle options (including car pooling) and cancellation policies.

You may notice we haven't recommended any of these services. This is because there are ongoing investigations into alleged anti-competitive behaviour and poor treatment of contract drivers. However, you will encounter these apps if you're looking for a ride, and many people continue to use them. So, we chose to assess their performance and usability, on the grounds that many of our members will likely use a ride sharing service or taxi app.

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    Rideshare services will send a privately owned vehicle driven by an independent contractor. Taxi services will provide a traditional taxi. Combined rideshare and taxi services let you select your preferred method of transportation.

      Booking score

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      We assess the steps required and difficulty involved in using the app to book a ride: entering a destination, selecting a vehicle (including number of vehicle types available), booking a ride, cancelling if required, and other features that relate to getting from one destination to another, such as adding multiple stops.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 48 and 86

      In-ride info score

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      We assesses information provided about the driver and vehicle including name, vehicle information, registration, trip history and driver rating. We also assess the information that is presented in the app during a journey such as ETA and vehicle tracking, and any rating/feedback systems in place.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 50 and 85

      Account set-up score

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      We assesses account set-up, user requirements, and whether the app requests any strange permissions (aside from location, contacts and so on).

      enter value/s in increments of i between 80 and 100

      Safety features score

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      We look for safety features that users can access during a ride. What features are available? Is it easy to access the safety features in the app? Can they be easily identified and activated in an emergency? Is safety clearly labelled and easy to identify? Higher scoring services offer a range of features including emergency services, and user-defined emergency contacts.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 0 and 90

      Ease of use score (other features)

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      Assesses remaining features and functions in the apps, including filing reports/claims/payment disputes, settings and account features, whether you can use your account overseas, and any other general impressions.

      enter value/s in increments of i between 35 and 88

      Included in this review

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      • Overall score
      • Booking score
      • Ease of use score
      • Setup score
      • Riding score
      • Safety score
      • Price
      • Good points
      • Bad points
      • Brand
      • Model
      • Type
      • iOS app
      • Android app
      • Standard vehicles
      • People movers
      • Luxury vehicles
      • Car pool
      • Taxi
      • Accessible vehicles
      • Request child seat
      • Cash payment
      • Gift card payment
      • Credit card payment
      • Paypal payment
      • Eftpos payment
      • Supports split fares
      • Access user rating
      • Access trip history
      • Driving rating system
      • Cancellation policy
      • Cancellation policy advanced booking
      • Scheduled booking options
      • Driver and vehicle information
      • Overseas access
      • Referral bonus
      • Related services
      • Web portal
      • Status


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