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Taxi vs rideshare: what do Australians prefer?

We asked more than 3000 people about their experiences using taxis and rideshare services.

logos of several ride sharing and taxi companies
Last updated: 13 August 2019

Need to know

  • Rideshare services and taxi companies have an equal share of the market, though younger people prefer to use rideshare exclusively
  • Rideshare and taxi drivers are equally accused of being rude, offensive or engaging in behaviour that made their passengers feel unsafe
  • Most rideshare and taxi users feel that their company of choice is ethically and socially responsible

Ridesharing services such as Uber, Ola and Ingogo are growing in popularity, and the taxi industry is not pleased. Various companies have been quite vocal about their loss of income, and safety concerns surrounding ridesharing. Meanwhile, many regular rideshare passengers insist that taxi companies provide poor service for a higher price.

We decided to hit the streets and poll members of the public about their transport preferences. We asked over 3000 people if they'd used a rideshare or taxi service, and 1386 had used at least one. Some had used multiple services, which gave us over 2000 experiences to ask about.

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