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Nokia BP-801 review

Arm blood pressure monitor. Priced at $187.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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Recommended View more details.

We recommend currently available blood pressure monitors with a CHOICE Expert Rating of at least 75%, and have been validated by a medical research organisation.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

The CHOICE Expert Rating is based on ease of use.

Medaval rating View more details.

Accuracy on a five-star scale, as tested and rated by Medaval. If no score is present, this is a model we've previously tested, so it will instead have an accuracy score based off of our in-house assessments. The higher the better.

Accuracy score View more details.

We test the accuracy of each blood pressure monitor against a recently calibrated hospital-grade blood pressure monitor. If no score is present we have been able to defer to Medaval's accuracy results.

Ease of use score View more details.

Includes instructions, ease of fitting and operating the monitor, comfort, screen quality and the information displayed on the screen.

Operating score View more details.

This evaluates fitting the cuff and operating the monitor.

Comfort score View more details.

How comfortable the blood pressure monitor is, including whether it takes too long to take a reading when the monitor is creating pressure, causing discomfort.

Screen quality score View more details.

How large the screen is and whether it provides easy-to-read results.

Information score View more details.

The amount and quality of information the monitor provides to the user.

Availability View more details.

This defines what is still available in the market. When a product is listed as discontinued, we can't find it to purchase anywhere in Australia or online. When listed as a Tested model, these are still available.

Discontinued model
Price View more details.

This is the manufacturer's recommended retail price, but you can often get a better price by shopping around.

Cuff price - small
$One size only
Cuff price - medium
Cuff price - large
$One size only
Validated View more details.

We only recommend blood pressure monitors that have been validated by medical research.

Items supplied
Blood pressure monitor, 4 AAA batteries
4 x AAA
Blood pressure range
0 - 285
Claimed accuracy View more details.

The margin of error as claimed by the manufacturer. This is consistent across the monitors we tested, but real-world accuracy may vary. We recommend taking your monitor to your GP to compare its accuracy against a clinical grade monitor, then calibrating or making allowances accordingly.

+/- 3 mmHg
Measuring uncertainty
Not stated
Pulse range
40 - 180
Recommended minimum time between measurements (min)
Not stated
Other data displayed
Error for movement, cuff not correctly fastened, cuff broken, pump or valve failure, pressure overflow. (All showed the same error message)
Data stored
(Depends on phone)
Number of users that can store data View more details.

Some monitors can store separate data for two or more users, so a household can all use the one monitor.

Not applicable
Number of readings stored
Not applicable
Origin View more details.

The country of origin of the blood pressure monitor.

Blood pressure
Heart rate
Irregular heartbeat display View more details.

An on-screen alert if your heart rate has some disturbance.

Yes (in App)
Irregular heartbeat explained View more details.

Does the device, manual or documentation define what an irregular heartbeat means, as well as its causes and implications?

Hypertension display View more details.

A hypertension warning displays on the screen if your blood pressure is too high – a good prompt to visit your GP.

Yes (in App)
Hypertension explained View more details.

Does the device, manual or documentation define what an hypertension means, as well as its causes and implications?

Troubleshooting help
Maintenance details
Adult suitability only
Automatic power-off
Can operate from mains power
Low battery indicator
Yes (in App)
Yes (in App)
Yes (in App)
Time and date
Yes (in App)
Computer interface
App based program, no display on monitor itself
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