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XCD Bluetooth review

Headphones. Priced at $25.

CHOICE Expert Rating

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What is the CHOICE Expert Rating

CHOICE Expert rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

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Recommended View more details.

We recommend headsets with an overall score of at least 70%.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

The overall score is made up of sound receiving (30%), sound sending (30%), fit and comfort (25%), durability (10%) and ease of use (5%).

Sound quality receiving score View more details.

Three panelists assess the sound quality of headphones, headset or earbuds receiving dialogue during a video conference. Dialogue is sent to devices using a broadcast quality microphone.

Sound quality sending score View more details.

Three panelists assess the quality of microphone in the headset, headphones or earbuds that's sending dialogue during a video conference. Dialogue is received on a pair of reference grade headphones.

Fit and comfort score View more details.

Three panelists put the headsets or headphones on and adjust them accordingly. They note comfort on the top of the head, on, around or in-ears and any movement during use. They also consider restrictiveness of wires and clips during movement. Wireless headsets receive a perfect score in the restrictiveness assessment.

Durability score View more details.

Assessment of build quality, materials used, if they can be replaced and whether the cable is prone to tangling. We also undertake a basic stress test of joints, sliders and connection points in a typical office usage environment. Wireless headsets receive a perfect score in the cable tangling assessment.

Ease of use score View more details.

Covers setup, connecting, software compatibility and an assessment of the onboard controls, if applicable.

Availability View more details.

'Tested models' are still available in shops. 'Discontinued models' may still be available online and second hand.

Tested model
Price View more details.
Recommended retail price at the time of purchase.
Controls View more details.

Controls built into the headset or dongle. These may be physical buttons or touch controls.

Play/pause, answer/hang up, forward/back, volume up, volume down
Removable cable View more details.

Some headphones and headsets can switch between wired and wireless mode with a removable cable. Note, some functions may not work in wired mode if the battery is dead.

Cable connection type View more details.

The connection type used to connect the headset or headphones to your smartphone or computer.

Cable length (cm) View more details.

Measured in centimeters if applicable.

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth range (metres) View more details.

In metres, as claimed by the manufacturer.

Replaceable parts View more details.

Whether you can replace the padding and protective material around the headset or headphones, or the silicon that keeps the earbud in place.

Battery type
Other items included View more details.

This includes connection converters, carry cases, cable splitters or extenders and so on.

3.5mm cable, instructions
Noise cancelling View more details.

Some headsets, headphones and earbuds have noise cancelling which is useful if you work in a noisy environment or shared space.

Microphone type View more details.

The microphone is either on an arm, a dongle or built into the headphones. Models with an arm usually allow for some adjustment to improve microphone placement.

Noise cancelling microphone View more details.

Some microphones can isolate your voice while lowering the volume of environmental noise to improve conversation clarity.

Claimed battery life (hours) View more details.

In hours, per manufacturer specifications.

Works with Skype
Works with Zoom
Works with Google Meet
Works with Facebook Chat
iOS support
Android support
Digital assistant View more details.

Some headphones and headsets have built-in support for digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home. These have more voice-command features that response faster than units without built-in support, as these use the microphone to issue commands to your smartphone or computer.


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