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Woolworths Little One's Ultra Dry Size 2 Infant review

4-8kg weight range. Infant nappy. Priced at $0.21.

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CHOICE Expert Rating


What is the CHOICE Expert Rating?

CHOICE Expert Rating

This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs.

Size View more details.

We test newborn (up to 5kg), infant (3-8kg), crawler (6-11kg), toddler (10-15kg), walker (13-18kg) and junior (16kg+) sized nappies. The weight ranges are general to each size. Only products within each type are directly comparable to one another. 

Recommended View more details.

We recommend newborn, infant, crawler, toddler, junior and walker nappies with a CHOICE Expert Rating of at least 80%, and at least 70% for absorbency, leakage and rewet.

CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

The CHOICE Expert Rating is made up of absorbency (40%), leakage (30%), rewet (20%) and velcro strength scores (10%). Note: Only nappies within each type are directly comparable to one another, so use our filter tool to sort by type (newborn, infant, crawler, etc).

Absorbency score View more details.

Using synthetic urine, gushes of the liquid are dosed into the centre of the nappy using a pump. For newborn nappies each gush is 30mL, for infant nappies it's 40mL, for crawler nappies it's 50mL, for toddler nappies it's 55mL, for walker nappies it's 60mL and for junior nappies it's 65mL. This simulates a child wearing the nappy overnight. We measure the amount of time it takes for the liquid to disappear. This is repeated three times with a five-minute gap between each gush. The total time taken for all four gushes to be absorbed is the absorption speed.

Leakage score View more details.

This is a visual assessment where we check if any leaks come out the side of the nappy.

Rewet score View more details.

Five minutes after the last gush from the absorption test, six pre-weighed dry filter papers are placed on the wet nappy and held down for 30 seconds. The filter paper is then removed and weighed. Ideally, the filter paper should remain relatively dry.

Velcro strength score View more details.

We measure the force required to open the velcro tabs.

Leakage observed View more details.

Based on the visual assessment, leakage is rated as either: none, slight, light, moderate or heavy.

Velcro strength observed View more details.

Velcro strength is rated as weak, moderate or strong, depending on the force required to open the velcro tabs.

Shop Ethical rating View more details.

Shop Ethical rates the environmental and social impact of the company (not the product) using independent sources. This rating is not included in our total score. The rating ranks from A (highest) to F (lowest); N/A means there is no rating for that company.

PEFC, FSC or Sustainable Forest Initiative certified View more details.

The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are international organisations that work to promote sustainable and responsible forest management. Sustainable Forest Initiative is a North American forest certification standard. 

Latex free View more details.

We check the pack for 'latex free' claims.

Suitable for sensitive skin View more details.

We check the pack for 'suitable for sensitive skin' claims.

Dermatologically tested View more details.

We check the pack for 'dermatologically tested' claims.

Biodegradable View more details.

We check the pack for 'biodegradable' claims.

Country of origin View more details.

Where the product is manufactured according to the packaging.

Availability View more details.

Tested nappies are currently available in shops.

Tested model
Price View more details.

This is the cost per nappy. We used the price of the largest pack size available to determine the cost per nappy. 

Pack cost View more details.

This is the price of the largest available pack we've found. Prices may vary between stores.

Largest pack size available
Weight range View more details.

This is the weight range as specified on the packaging.

Wetness indicator View more details.

This is a line on the nappy that changes colour when the nappy is wet. It can be a useful indicator to parents/carers that the nappy is wet and might need changing.

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