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Tent reviews

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Last updated: 25 September 2020


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A good tent can make or break your camping trip, so it's worth investing in the right one. We test and review different sized tests for usability and ease of assembly across a range of sizes to help you find the best one.

  • Our tent buying guide helps you decide which type of tent you need.
  • How we test explains our scores and testing rigor.
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    Our expert testers give every tent a thorough workout to help find the models that:

    • have the most useable interior space (floor space, head height, separate rooms etc)
    • are easiest to put up and take down
    • are easy to carry (for small tents).

    Our interactive comparison tool helps you find out more about their important specifications and features. 

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        Usability score

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        We rate the tents on how comfortable they are to live in and use, taking into account the usable area of the inner tent and vestibule (height and floor area), access to the tent, the number and size of doors and windows, and ventilation.

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        Ease of assembly score

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        Our tester Peter measures how long it takes to put the tents up and take them down. Times range from 11–25 minutes to put up and 10–22 minutes to pack up. Peter sets up each tent once to get familiar with it, and then times and scores the second attempt. These times are only a guide because they're based on the times of an experienced user putting the tent up in ideal conditions. Times will vary depending on experience, weather and ground conditions.

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        Rain test score

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        We test with an artificial rain system (a water spray driven by a large fan). Tents that have no leaks during this test score 100%. Some don't have a score because we changed the method some time ago and the scores aren't comparable.

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        Included in this review

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        • Recommended
        • Overall score
        • Usability score
        • Ease of assembly score
        • Rain test score
        • Ease of carrying score
        • Peg quality
        • Good points
        • Bad points
        • Buy now
        • Brand
        • Model
        • Price
        • Size
        • Availability
        • Claimed number of persons
        • Number of rooms
        • Tent layout
        • Number of entrances
        • Skylights
        • Internal storage pockets
        • Other storage
        • Can front door be turned into an awning?
        • Power cord access
        • Hanging hooks / rings
        • Top air vents
        • Bottom vents
        • Windows
        • Sleeping area dimensions (m, L x W x H)
        • Vestibule dimensions (m, L x W x H)
        • Fly sheet
        • Poles
        • Pegs
        • Peg material
        • Ropes
        • Literature supplied
        • Other items
        • Bag with wheels
        • Carry bag dimensions (cm, L x W)
        • Weight (kg)
        • Waterproof taped seams on fly
        • Waterproof taped seams on floor
        • Double-stitching (fly)
        • Double-stitching (floor)
        • Warranty (yrs)
        • Origin
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