Australia's most reliable kettle brands

The electric kettle brands that best hold up over time, as chosen by CHOICE members.

What brand of kettle is most reliable?

The CHOICE reliability survey asks thousands of members about the electric kettles they own, what they think of them and how they've held up over time. Nearly 10,000 members participated in our 2016 reliability survey. The information they provided gives us a really good indication how various electric kettle brands stack up over time – something we can't test in our labs.

Use this article to find the most reliable electric kettle brands from our survey.

Electric kettles

Most reliable brands: DeLonghi, Homemaker

Main problems: Excessive or strange noises, kettle not switching off, rust/discolouration

In 2016 we included electric kettles in our reliability survey for the first time. We can't test long-term reliability in the lab on an ongoing basis, so getting hard data on customer satisfaction is hugely valuable.

Most members surveyed gave their kettles a high satisfaction rating. However, Breville owners are more likely to say they had performance or reliability issues – 27% of Breville owners who had issues say the kettle not switching off automatically is a problem.

Owners of Russell Hobbs kettles are more likely to hear excessive or strange noises when making their cuppa, while DeLonghi owners may see rust or discolouration.

Those with a Homemaker or Aldi kettle were largely complaining about issues with the lid, as well as the noise, but as the prices are low, the expectations were too. (We didn't have enough respondents to report on Aldi outright, so they were placed in the Other category.) For a budget brand, Homemaker reliability was well above the average brand reliability of 87%.

Electric kettle brand performance

Electric kettle brand performance
Brand Reliability score (%)* Satisfaction score (%)
DeLonghi (205) 94 85
Homemaker (232) 93 80
Kambrook (244) 90 82
Morphy Richards (113) 90 82
Sunbeam (662) 89 83
Russell Hobbs (536) 88 82
Other (500) 88 81
Breville (1229) 84 83

Sample sizes in brackets. Sample size 3721.
* Differences of 4% or more between brands are significant.

How we get the data

We calculate a brand's reliability score and owner rating based on our survey of 9600 CHOICE members, conducted in May 2016.

About the scores


Reliability figures are based on owner assessment, not test data. We use the data we collect from members to rate the most popular brands for reliability. We take into account the age of the products so we can compare fairly between brands.

Owner satisfaction

We asked owners to tell us what they thought of the products they own, rating them from excellent to terrible. We've used this information to give each brand an owner satisfaction rating so you can see what people who use the brand, day in day out, think of them.

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