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Smarter appliances are arriving, are you ready?

The Internet of Things (IoT) in the kitchen

Connected devices and smarter appliances are starting to arrive in local retail stores. Now you can use your smartphone to access webcams in the fridge to create your shopping list while you're at the supermarket or to check inside the oven remotely to see if the meal is ready to put on the table.

We reveal what some of the smart appliances you'll be seeing at your retailer actually do for their often hefty price tag.

Smart fridges

 Bosch NoFrost fridge with camera
The Bosch NoFrost fridge comes with an inbuilt camera that lets you look inside using your smartphone.

The Bosch NoFrost lets you check the contents of your fridge using your smartphone to peek in via a webcam installed in the corner of the fridge door. The camera is pointed at the shelves and takes a photo every time the door closes, ready to view on your Bosch app when you're out doing the grocery shopping.

However, on closer inspection the angle of the camera may deliver an obscured view if your fridge is packed tight.

If you're one of those people who stands in front of the fridge with the door open working out what you want, then the Haier Smartwindow (HTF-620TDM8) fridge shows some potential, although it hasn't arrived in Australia yet. The fridge has a grey-toned pattern on the front that becomes translucent when someone approaches, to reveal the contents without having to open the door. It's an amazing effect when first encountered and could save valuable energy efficiency by knowing exactly what you want before you open the door.

Smart cooking

The most interesting new oven as far as tech is concerned is the AEG ProCombi Plus. Its inbuilt camera lets you keep an eye on your roast even when you're away from the house or doing something else and don't want to keep going back to the kitchen to check progress. See the lead picture above.

The live video stream will prevent curious cooks from opening the door to view the dish, an act that releases heat from the oven and slows down cooking times.

 Bosch NoFrost fridge with camera
The KitchenAid Magnetic Drive Blender introduces a new technology to kitchen blenders.

AEG has also updated the My AEG app for iOS and Android with more recipe suggestions and a diagnostic function when connected to supporting appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and fridges. 

Magnetic blending

KitchenAid has made quite a splash following their takeover by Whirlpool last year, with a high tech all-in-one food prep appliance to compete with the Thermomix. Read our all-in-one kitchen machine test to see how it compared.

KitchenAid's KSB5080/85 Magnetic Drive Blender isn't cheap at $999, but introduces a technology that up until recently would only be found in professional kitchens. The magnetic drive with a 2hp peak motor securely locks the jug in place without the need for a physical driver of the blades. The jug slides straight in and out.

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