Oil ruptures lead to Bunnings widening heater recall

Reports of heaters 'spraying oil' raise safety concerns.

Bad heaters

Eight heaters sold at Bunnings Warehouse have been recalled due to fears they could cause scalding and burns.

The recall covers oil column heaters sold by two brands, namely Moretti and Click.

Initially Bunnings recalled two Moretti heaters in late April following five reports of the heaters rupturing, leaking and spraying hot oil.

But the recall has since been expanded to include all of the Moretti and Click oil column heaters sold by Bunnings in 2017.

"Additional testing by suppliers suggests an incorrect specification of oil could have been used in some of the heaters," it says in the recall listing.

"It is important to reinforce that this is preliminary information from our suppliers and we are undertaking additional testing as we continue to investigate the cause of the issues."

Bunnings is urging customers to stop using the heaters immediately, offering a full refund upon their return.

The faulty models can be identified by the model number and batch code labelling the heaters. The affected models are:

Moretti Oil Column Heaters

  • 7 Fin Oil Column Heater, Model No. YL-B12-7, F/L: 4441744, Batch Code: 10538
  • 1000W 5 Fin Oil Column Heater, Model No. MO-WWM6-5, F/L: 4441771, Batch Code: 12/16
  • 1500W 7 Fin Oil Column Heater, Model No. MO-WWM6-7, F/L: 4441773, Batch Code: 12/16
  • 2400W 11 Fin Oil Column Heater, Model No. MO-WWM6-11T, F/L: 4441774. Batch Code: 12/16
  • 1 Retro 11 Fin Oil Heater, Model No. RWOF-11T, F/L: 4441743, Batch Code: 10554
  • 11 Fin Oil Column Heater, Model No. MC35B2, F/L: 4441019, Batch Code: 12/16
  • 11 Fin LCD Oil Column Heater, Model No. OFH-11LCD, F/L: 4441977, Batch Code: 10619

Click 5 Fin Oil Column Heater

  • 1000W 5 Fin Oil Column Heater, Model No. CDFP3-5, F/L: 4441770, Batch Code: 12/16

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