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Standard printer reviews

We test 24 inkjet, colour and mono laser printers including models from HP, Dell and Samsung and more.

Last updated: 6th January 2015

We test 24 standard printers priced from $80 to over $1000, including inkjet, and colour and mono laser models to help you decide what's best for your budget and needs.

The machines in this test won't scan or copy; for those tasks you'll need a multifunction printer – see our latest multifunction printer review.

Here we'll help you:

  • decide which standard printer you should buy
  • check how the top brands compare on printing speed and quality
  • estimate your running costs.

Brands and models tested

An inkjet is your best choice for printing good-quality pictures. They can produce good quality text and graphics as well, but if you're printing a lot of plain text without colour, a mono laser is a much cheaper option.

If you need colour a laser is a faster option than an inkjet, but both inkjets and colour lasers can be expensive to run.

Mono lasers tend to cost less over time and can produce good-quality prints, as long as you don't need colour.

Looking for advice on what to look for in a printer, or how to get the best out of the one you have? Try our new buying guides and expert tips here.

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