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Fighting for your rights since 1960

For more than 60 years, CHOICE supporters have been fighting for fair, safe and just markets. And thanks to people power, we've had some amazing wins. Below are just some of them.

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Takata airbag recall – February 2018

The Government announced a compulsory, nationwide recall of cars with Takata airbags. It's Australia's first compulsory recall, and it happened because of revelations exposed by CHOICE and sustained pressure from our community.

Online credit card cancellation – February 2018

Australia passed new laws forcing banks to offer you online options for cancelling your credit card and calculating interest. Thousands of us campaigned for almost three years to fix these high cost, low-value products – and we won!

Ticketing reforms – October 2017

The NSW Government announced reforms to the ticketing industry, after CHOICE's Ticked Off campaign and international report exposed massive problems with ticket resellers like Viagogo.

Fairer gift cards – October 2017

Thanks to consumers speaking out, gift cards in NSW now have a three-year minimum expiry date and no post-purchase 'administration fees'.

Better consumer laws – August 2017

The Federal Government announced a once-in-decades change to consumer law: soon it will be easier to get refunds or replacements, run more efficient recalls, and guarantee stronger product safety requirements.

Thermomix court action – July 2017

After more than 100 safety incidents with the Thermomix TM31, the ACCC announced it will take action against Thermomix in Australia for misleading people.

ACCC legal action: flushable wipes – December 2016

After massive backlash from more than 20,000 CHOICE supporters and the community, the ACCC took action against Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex) and Pental (White King) for alleged false and misleading representations about "flushable" wipes.

The pre-ticks are ditched – December 2016

Jetstar, Tiger and Virgin Australia removed pre-selected optional extras in the checkout process after our 'Ditch the Ticks' campaign put the heat on the airlines for adding sneaky extra costs to customers.

End of excessive credit card surcharges – September 2016

Unfair credit card surcharges became illegal. High fees for paying with your card, like an $8 card processing fee from airlines, stopped from 1 September.

Country of origin labelling – July 2016

More than 26,000 consumers signed CHOICE's petition to fix country of origin labelling – and politicians listened! The Government agreed on an entirely new labelling scheme, meaning you can now more clearly identify where your food comes from.

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