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Spotlight on real-world broadband speeds

CHOICE February Update

CHOICE Broadband Performance Measuring Program

CHOICE has partnered with the Honesty Box Smart Meter Team at Enex TestLab to measure real-world internet performance in homes across Australia and will soon start publishing the results monthly for all to see. Why? To understand why slow speeds, unusable services and drop-outs were the biggest complaints people had about services delivered over the NBN according to our 2017 ISP satisfaction survey.

We want to help all Australian households get the internet service and speeds they're paying for, including yours.

February update

Check out our first results in our Broadband Performance Measuring Program tool. This gathers all of our January results in one area.

We received a huge response to our call out last year asking people like you to help us measure real-world internet speeds for our Broadband Performance Measuring Program. Our team has been processing all of the registrations, while our partner Enex has been distributing Honesty Box Smart Meter devices to qualified participants.

Honesty Box devices have been distributed to homes across Australia, and thousands have activated their devices so that we can measure broadband performance. We are constantly on the lookout for more participants, if you have not done so already, please sign up today.

If you have previously volunteered, you don't need to put yourself forward again, as we already have your details on file.

This link to the Broadband Performance Measuring Program registration page takes you to a form where you can submit your details and register your interest to participate. Your information will be checked against program requirements and if you qualify, you will be sent a free Honesty Box device that plugs directly into your modem / router. If you don’t qualify, you’ll get an email confirming this.

If you want to know more about the NBN, you can read our frequently asked questions.

Want to know more about the program?

To find out more about the CHOICE Broadband Performance Measuring Program, you can register your interest on the sign up page. The program can only include homes in certain postcodes, ISPs and types of connections to ensure an even spread of data across the country. Please note that you will need to have 1 spare port on your modem / router, more than 100GB monthly data allowance and are aware that the testing will use approximately 10% of your monthly data allowance in order to participate.

CHOICE 2017 ISP satisfaction survey – value by brand

NBN ISP value inforgraphic from a 2017 CHOICE survey