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CHOICE lab reveals best and worst dishwasher detergents for your home

Finish takes out top honours with Coles in last place.

Above: CHOICE Kitchen Expert Ashley Iredale 

The latest round of CHOICE laboratory testing has revealed which dishwasher detergents you should add to your shopping list and which ones you should avoid.

"CHOICE tested 33 dishwasher detergents from 10 different brands to provide households with all the information they need to ensure their dishes come out clean and sparkling. We looked at how the detergents performed at removing a number of food stains, including egg yolk, rice starch, baked on cheese, mince meat, red wine and coffee," says CHOICE dishwasher expert Ashley Iredale.

Three Finish products topped the tests this year, with Aldi also making the top four. Products from Coles, Morning Fresh, Aldi, Ecostore and Woolworths made up the bottom five. Aldi was the only brand to make both the best and worst lists this year.

"While the Finish products that topped our tests this year are at the higher end of the market in cost, one of Aldi's products also scored a great result. If you're looking for value for money, the Aldi dishwashing tablets are a fantastic option," says Iredale. 

"We also saw different products within brands perform in vastly different ways, so double check that you're actually buying the best product from that brand. For example, Finish had products in the top and middle of the ranking while Aldi and Coles brands had products scattered right from the top ten down to the bottom five."

Infographic available for embedding here:

Best dishwasher detergents

  • Finish - Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Tabs Baking Soda (76%)
  • Finish - Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Tabs Lemon Sparkle (75%)
  • Finish - Powerball Ultimate All in 1 Tabs (75%)
  • Aldi - Logix Platinum 18 In 1 Dishwashing Tablets Lemon (75%)

Worst dishwasher detergents

  • Coles - Ultra Concentrate Dishwasher Powder Lemon (40%)
  • Morning Fresh - Dishwasher Powder Lemon (42%)
  • Aldi - Logix Automatic Dishwashing Powder Lemon (43%)
  • Ecostore - Dishwasher Powder Lemon (44%)
  • Woolworths - Shine Dishwasher Powder Concentrate Lemon (44%)

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