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Reports Kmart and Bunnings will back down on use of facial recognition, following CHOICE investigation and consumer backlash

CHOICE response to Kmart and Bunnings pausing use of facial recognition technology.

Following an investigation by CHOICE and extensive public outcry, media reports have confirmed Kmart and Bunnings will temporarily pause the use of facial recognition technology in their stores. 

The two retailers will pause using the controversial technology while the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) considers a complaint made by CHOICE against Kmart, Bunnings and The Good Guys for their use of facial recognition technology in store. 

"Customers will welcome the decision from Bunnings and Kmart to pause the use of facial recognition technology, but we know what the community really wants is for these retailers to dump the technology for good," says consumer data advocate, Kate Bower. 

CHOICE supporters overwhelmingly opposed the technology, with 80% of 16,000 supporters saying Kmart and Bunnings should stop using facial recognition completely.

"CHOICE eagerly awaits the Information Commissioner's decision on whether Kmart and Bunnings have breached the Privacy Act in their use of facial recognition technology. This will be a landmark decision that will guide the use of controversial facial recognition technology in Australia," says Bower. 

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