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Local supermarkets win in Supermarket Satisfaction Battle: CHOICE

Plus – Coles and Woolworths online shopping. Who wins?


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Australians love their local supermarkets according to the latest results of the CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey.

State brands Foodland (SA), Drakes (SA and QLD) and Harris Farm (NSW) beat out the big chain supermarkets for the most satisfied customers, but it's not all bad news for Coles and Woolworths, with Australia's market leaders improving from CHOICE's previous survey and garnering praise for their online shopping experiences.

"The CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey found Australians have a lot of pride in local brands and food," says Jonathan Brown, CHOICE consumer advocate.

"The results are clear – Australians want to see a wide range to choose from and fresh, local food. It's also great to see that all the major supermarket brands have largely improved since our last survey, despite all of the challenges of COVID-19," says Brown.

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CHOICE surveyed Australia's most discerning shoppers with over 3000 members of the CHOICE community giving detailed feedback on their supermarket experiences across 39 criteria either in-store or online.

Here's how Australian supermarkets rank in the CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey for 2021:

Foodland (overall score 82%)

Drakes (79%)

Harris Farm Markets (78%)

Aldi (75%)

Costco (75%)

IGA/Supa IGA (74%)

FoodWorks (72%)

Woolworths (71%)

Coles (69%)

Friendly Grocer (67%)

Foodland, Drakes and Harris Farm Markets performed particularly well for their range of products and the availability of local foods, with shoppers keen to support their local producers.

Online supermarket shopping

The CHOICE Supermarket Satisfaction Survey also pitted the online experiences of Coles and Woolworths against each other with Woolworths taking the crown for online shopping in 2021. Woolworths scored 74% and Coles 71% for online shopping satisfaction. 88% of respondents would recommend Woolworths online to their friends compared with 82% for Coles.

Shoppers praised Woolworths in particular for giving a strong level of detail about products and the helpfulness of their customer service.

"It was a close race between Coles and Woolworths when it came to scoring their online services, but Woolworths came out on top, with their customers impressed by the level of detail and their customer service online. With COVID-19 accelerating the shift online, the quality of their online services will only get more important for supermarkets," says Brown.

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Editor's notes:

Results calculated from 3182 participants of CHOICE's "Voice Your Choice" survey panel, comprising CHOICE members, supporters and community. Supermarkets were assessed on 19 criteria for in-store satisfaction and 20 criteria for online satisfaction. A minimum of 30 responses were required for inclusion in the rankings. Survey conducted February-March 2021.