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CHOICE response to ACCC enforcement action on hand sanitiser

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Campaigner Dean Price.

"Mosaic Brands is paying the price for misleading consumers at the height of the pandemic. This action by the ACCC is a win for people and a reminder to businesses that they cannot get away with misleading consumers. It's never ok to make a quick buck by misleading people and Mosaic Brands actions were particularly outrageous when people were doing their best to protect themselves from a deadly pandemic.

"This action by the ACCC was only possible due to the work of the CHOICE community. A supporter tipped us off that they didn't think the hand sanitiser they bought from Mosaic Brands was up to scratch. Independent testing that was funded by CHOICE supporters confirmed their suspicion and led us to make a formal complaint to the ACCC. 

"CHOICE pushed for hand sanitiser regulations last year and the Australian Government implemented them. These new regulations will make it harder for companies to repeat the mistakes of Mosaic Brands. 

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ACCC: Mosaic Brands pays $630,000 in penalties over COVID-related 'health essentials' 

CHOICE investigation: Mosaic Brands sold mislabelled, ineffective hand sanitiser