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CHOICE response to ACCC action on misleading funeral advertising

“Funeral companies are on notice.”

CHOICE response to ACCC action on Propel-owned funeral homes. Quotes attributable to CHOICE Campaigner Amy Pereira:

"Funeral companies are on notice. The ACCC and CHOICE are standing up against false and misleading advertising, pricing and practices in the funeral sector. CHOICE supports the ACCC's work today in fining two funeral homes for claiming they were locally owned when they are actually owned by Propel, one of the largest funeral companies in Australia."

"CHOICE's investigations into the funeral industry have found that a lack of transparency is harming grieving people at their most vulnerable. We look forward to further findings and enforcement actions from the ACCC as it conducts its investigation into the funeral services sector this year."

The action follows a multi-part CHOICE investigation into Australia's funeral industry and 2020 Shonky Award for InvoCare funerals.

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