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Aldi and Morning Fresh take out top spots in dishwashing liquid test: CHOICE

Plus, the 4 dishwashing liquids that performed the same as water.

CHOICE's latest testing of 38 dishwashing liquids has revealed the 2 products that should be at the top of your shopping list. 

Aldi Tandil Ultra Power Soak n' Clean Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid and Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate Lemon both scored an impressive 90% in CHOICE's lab testing. 

"To test dishwashing liquids, CHOICE labs pre-soil plates with different types of stains that you'll usually have to deal with at home - rice starch, bolognese and egg yolk," says CHOICE expert Ashley Iredale. 

"We soak the stained plates in a solution of test detergent for 10 minutes. The plates are placed into a scrubbing device, and scrubbed a set number of times with a wet sponge. We use a special device called a spectrophotometer to measure how clean the plate is before and after testing," says Iredale.

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CHOICE labs also test dishwashing products by comparing them with the use of plain water, with the latest tests revealing 4 dishwashing liquids performing miserably.

"Unfortunately, we also discovered that 4 dishwashing liquids performed no better than water, all receiving a score of 45%. It's also worth noting that brand loyalty doesn't pay off when it comes to dishwashing liquids - though one Morning Fresh product came out on top, others in their range performed considerably worse, so check our full list of reviews when you head to the shops so you can avoid a dud detergent," says Iredale.

The dishwashing liquids that scored the same as water only are: 

- Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Liquid 

- Palmolive Original 

- Uniquely Natural Dishwashing Liquid 

- Woolworths Essential Dishwashing Liquid

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Infographic available for embedding here:


Infographic available for embedding here: