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“Return what you didn’t earn”: CHOICE to health insurers

CHOICE response to HBF return of surplus.

CHOICE response to HBF return of COVID-19 surplus. Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price:

"If HBF can return 42 million dollars to its members, there's no excuse for Australia's other health insurance funds to keep hoarding the money of Australians. This is the kind of transparency we need from this industry. The community is still recovering from the economic impact of COVID-19 and no business, let alone businesses we rely on for our health and wellbeing, should be using the COVID-19 to boost their bottom lines. HBF have done the right thing by their members. Australia's health insurers - it's time for you to return what you didn't earn. Big funds like Medibank, Bupa and NIB need to put the community first and be transparent with their customers and the community."

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