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SAMSUNG SHOCKER: 214 litres for one wash

“Disgraceful” water waster shows hole in water labelling scheme that needs to be plugged.


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Independent lab tests by consumer group CHOICE have uncovered a $1,899 Samsung washing machine that uses 214 litres of water on a default wash, scoring 0% for water efficiency.

CHOICE lab experts were shocked by the water wastage of the Samsung 13kg Activ DualWash Top Load Washing Machine WA13M8700GV.

"Samsung has released one of the most disgraceful water wasters we've ever seen," says CHOICE laundry expert Ashley Iredale.

"Using 214 litres on the default setting is just completely unacceptable. This is the second year in a row Samsung have released a water guzzling disgrace," says Iredale. 

The news comes despite Australia's water labelling scheme awarding the machine 4 stars. CHOICE says the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme doesn't always reflect real-world use and needs to be reformed.

"The water labelling scheme is generally good but as this Samsung example shows, there are gaps in the current rating system that need to be fixed. The Australian Government is currently reviewing the WELS scheme and we're urging them to change the testing settings to better reflect how people use their washing machines." 

"If this Samsung shocker was tested for water usage on the settings most Australians use, it would receive a significantly lower star rating. As it stands, Australians are at risk of being misled by the 4-star water label on this machine. As a country so prone to drought and problems with water supply, we need to see better from companies like Samsung and water labels that tell us the truth about these machines," says Iredale.

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