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CHOICE welcomes new funeral price transparency requirements in Queensland

Queensland Government announces new regulation applying to funeral directors.

CHOICE response to the Queensland Government's introduction of the Fair Trading (Funeral Pricing) Regulation 2022.

Quotes attributable to Amy Pereira, Senior Policy & Campaigns Adviser at CHOICE.

"These new requirements will ensure that people in Queensland have the information they need to choose a funeral service provider that is best suited for their needs and budget." 

"CHOICE's work into the funeral sector in recent years found that the funeral industry has been rife with poor practices that leave grieving people vulnerable and perhaps worse off. We found unclear pricing, misinformation, fees for no service and a highly concentrated market where the true ownership of funeral providers is obfuscated."

"In October, CHOICE recommended that the Queensland Government introduce regulation to address some of these issues. We are really pleased that the Queensland Government has listened to the needs of consumers and is taking action on this issue." 

"Arranging a funeral at a time of grief can be a stressful process. The regulations introduced by the Queensland Government will require funeral providers to prominently display information such as the price of the least expensive package and the price of each type of coffin, casket or shroud offered by the business - including on their website. Importantly, penalties will apply to funeral directors who don't provide this information."

"These measures will empower consumers to pick funeral goods and services that are best for their individual circumstances and will reduce the chances that people will be ripped-off or charged for services they don't need or want". 

Background: CHOICE examines the funeral industry

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