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We're in this together

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Stand with us to create a safer, fairer future for all Australians.



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For over 60 years, CHOICE has been working to make Australia fairer and safer for all consumers. 

The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis is one of the biggest challenges we've ever faced, and we're stronger when we work together. Throughout the crisis, CHOICE will be here to help. 

Will you chip in a small amount towards our future work?

CHOICE is independent and nonprofit. Your donation will help sustain CHOICE as Australia's independent consumer advocate and testing lab for years to come. While your donation isn't tax-deductible, the money you give helps fund our quest for better, safer and fairer products and services for everyone.

How we're helping

Already, CHOICE experts and our community of supporters are working together to navigate these new challenges by:

  • ensuring Australian consumers have the latest expert advice and assistance to protect our rights
  • calling out and reporting businesses that exploit consumers through 'panic marketing', price gouging, misleading claims and by flouting the law
  • holding governments and companies accountable to ensure they act fairly and responsibly.