Online or in store your right to refunds remains the same

26 Dec 2012 | CHOICE reminds shoppers who have purchased gifts from Australian or overseas websites that they are protected by the same Australian Consumer Law as those who have bought gifts in store.

CHOICE calls for mandatory standards for trampolines

12 Dec 2012 | CHOICE is warning parents to be extra vigilant when supervising children on trampolines with new testing by the consumer group finding 11 of the 12 popular models on the market unsafe.

CHOICE says Ministers move forward on health marketing claims

7 Dec 2012 | Food and health ministers today approved a proposal to allow food manufacturers to use health claims as long as the products carrying the claims meet minimum nutrition standards.

CHOICE says the proof is in the taste of the pudding

4 Dec 2012 | A CHOICE taste test has found when it comes to purchasing top tasting Christmas puddings, it’s worth paying a little extra, with more expensive products scoring better than their budget counterparts.

COAG must grasp opportunity for energy reform

4 Dec 2012 | CHOICE says this Friday’s Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix Australia’s broken electricity system and reduce future pressure on household bills.

Travel without the travails

3 Dec 2012 | In the lead up to summer holidays CHOICE advises older travellers, pregnant travellers and adventure travellers to be extra vigilant when choosing travel insurance as these groups often face many exclusions around pre-existing medical conditions, conditional age and outdoor activities.

CHOICE says dont punish Australian consumers for overseas GST collection

3 Dec 2012 | CHOICE says new proposals to lower the GST threshold would risk penalising Australian consumers for the actions of overseas businesses over which they have no control.

Time for tech giants to face the music on international price discrimination

27 Nov 2012 | CHOICE is calling on the Federal Parliamentary Committee investigating digital prices to make international tech giants front up and explain the high prices paid by Australians.

Reserve Bank agrees - sky high surcharges are just plain shonky

22 Nov 2012 | Today’s Reserve Bank’s (RBA) announcement about what makes for a reasonable credit card surcharge shows the era of sky-high surcharges should soon come to an end.

Not so nice and natural

21 Nov 2012 | CHOICE says brand names implying naturalness and healthiness may not be living up to their image, making it difficult for consumers to determine whether something is healthy or not.

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