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Pool Fences

Pool fences review and compare

16 Sep 2014 | Whether you're a new pool owner or thinking about upgrading your old fencing, our test and checklists will help keep your family safe this summer.

a man holding a CD-ROM backup disc
Computers and onlineHome officeOffice equipment

PC backup software review

15 Sep 2014 | Have you backed up your important files? Our test breaks down the best backup software, so you can easily protect the contents of your precious PC from data loss.

EntertainmentVisualPlasma, LED and LCD TVs

TV reviews

 | 12 Sep 2014 | Which TV best suits your needs? Confused by LED,LCD or UHD? Our review will help you make the critical decisions.

TransportCarsBuying a car

Honda Odyssey VTi-L review

09 Sep 2014 | The Adkins family took the new Honda Odyssey VTi-L for a test drive. Was it an epic experience, or nothing out of the ordinary?

Dishwashing detergent boxes

Dishwasher detergent

08 Sep 2014 | Tablets, powders and gels tested: which one comes out on top? CHOICE tests over 40 dishwasher detergents - from the market-leading Finish tablets to the lower-cost Home Brand - and shows which one removes the most stains.

  • Breakfast cereal health benefits

    a bowl of breakfast cereal with fruit

    22 Sep 2014
    Regular breakfast cereal eaters have diets higher in vitamins and minerals and lower in fat, and are less likely to be overweight or obese compared to breakfast skippers and other breakfast eaters, says study.

  • Woolworths facing the ACCC in court over unsafe products


    19 Sep 2014
    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking Woolworths to the Federal Court alleging that the supermarket chain made false or misleading claims about the safety of some of its home brand products.

  • Extending the shelf life of chilled food

    yoghurts ready meals juices and other drinks in supermarket fridge chiller

    19 Sep 2014
    The use-by or best-before dates on some food in supermarket fridges can be much longer than you'd expect for fresh produce. We look at how the shelf life of chilled foods can be extended.

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