Rolling the dice on daily deals

08 May 12 08:00AM EST
Post by Brendan Mays
Daily deals – the cut-price temptations that land in my inbox multiple times each day promising magical experiences and indulgent treats. On paper, the deals are usually fairly fantastic, and I enjoy entertaining new experiences or products I might not otherwise consider.

However, there’s a vast difference between a great daily deal experience and an awful one, and a lot of the time it’s hard to predict which encounter you’re in for.

Recently, I was privy to both ends of the spectrum all within the one weekend, highlighting the daily deal roulette in which we all partake when purchasing fun at a heavily discounted price.

My first daily deal voucher was for a cocktail degustation at an inner-city bar in Sydney. Immediately upon arrival, alarm bells started ringing. The staff were rude and argumentative, and I counted at least 25 other patrons in various states of disgruntlement. Many were reluctantly buying drinks from the bar or just walking out, but I was determined to stick it out for the promise of free cocktails.

After an hour and a half, my patience had worn to nil. I requested that my voucher be returned, but the owner/manager refused, instead offering to write down my name on a napkin.

Luckily, I had purchased the voucher through Jump On It and was able to obtain a full refund (although not for the cost of taxis and a wasted night).

The following day, I had signed on for a snorkel safari in Sydney’s south. Still reeling from the previous night’s experience, I approached with trepidation.

Fortunately, my fears were soon put to rest. A friendly team led our small group on a guided snorkelling tour to remember. We could not have hired all the equipment (let alone the guide) for the price we paid, and plan to visit our snorkel friends again.

Whether a daily deal experience will involve rudeness and unfulfilled promises or a time to remember is something you won’t find in the fine print.

It helps to book through website that offer a refund, but even so, each time a daily deal lands in my inbox - I know I’m rolling the dice.

What kinds of experiences have you had with products and services purchased from deal sites?


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