Insurance is seriously entertaining

06 Oct 09 02:00PM EST
Post by Cecilia Lee
Home insurance bill on the fridge
We are now in the middle of our home and contents insurance project – it’s been fascinating to see the different questions insurers ask in order to calculate how much they should charge you for insuring your home or contents. For example, it matters how many people you are living with, how long you’ve been living in the place you are quoting for, and whether you are next to a golf course or not.

Owner-occupied homes is our main focus in the article, which means that home and contents insurance for landlords and renters have not been looked at extensively. However we managed to find out that some insurers have interesting restrictions to offering insurance in a shared household – for example some insurers will only offer contents insurance for someone living in a shared household if their room’s door has a lock!

It is also thought-provoking to discover how closely related climate change is to home & contents insurance. The recent sandstorm in Sydney is a timely reminder that picture perfect weather is not guaranteed and various reports indicate that the risk of drought, fire and storms will increase in the future. Big issues do affect our mundane routines like insurance – for more ideas on living sustainably you can go to our campaigns page.

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