Home cooling

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of large, small and portable air conditioners.


Portable air conditioner reviews

CHOICE tests 14 portable air conditioners for performance, energy efficiency and ease of use.

7 Nov 2014 | Our test covers models priced between $309 and $1299, from brands including DeLonghi, Dimplex, Convair and Omega Altise.

Ceiling Fan Reviews

Ceiling fan reviews

CHOICE compares 16 ceiling fans priced between $65 and $425 including AC and DC powered models.

29 Oct 2014 | If you don't want to spend big bucks on air conditioning, ceiling fans offer a cheaper, energy-efficient cooling solution and the latest range also includes DC powered models.


Air conditioner reviews

Find out which air conditioner is best for your home - whether you want to cool (or heat) a single room or a large living area.

24 Oct 2014 | Over 160 reverse-cycle split-system inverter air conditioners compared and reviewed, including models from Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic and more.


Pedestal and tower fan reviews

We find the best fans to keep you cool this summer.

27 Nov 2012 | We test 10 pedestal and tower fans, priced from $20 to $599, including models from Dyson, Kambrook, and Sunbeam.


ICE Solair first look

This solar air conditioner sounds good in theory, but isn't so good in practice.

9 May 2012 | This air conditioner has a thermal panel to reduce the compressor load and save electricity usage - but does it work?

air conditioners

Small air conditioner reviews

A reverse-cycle air conditioner can be the most efficient way to heat (and cool) a large room.

27 Apr 2012 | Test results for 36 reverse-cycle inverter air conditioners with cooling capacities around 2.5 to 3.5 kW, including nine newly tested models.

Dyson pedestal fan

Dyson Pedestal Fan first look

We take a peek at Dyson's latest bladeless offering.

14 Feb 2012 | Does this sleek pedestal fan outperform traditional models, or is its bladeless technology a lot of spin?

Reverse cycle air conditioner

Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning buying guide

Want to cool and heat your whole house? Here's what you need to consider.

19 Jan 2012 | Before you spend thousands of dollars to have a system installed (and several hundred dollars a year to run it), consider other cooling and heating options.

Small fan

Natural air conditioner

Our tips for keeping your home cool this summer, using insulation and natural ventilation.

27 Nov 2011 | Preventing your house from getting too hot should be your first priority. Make sure it's properly insulated, draught-proof, shaded and ventilated.


Dyson Air Multiplier review

It looks cool, but does it really do the job?

8 Dec 2009 | This bladeless fan, which looks more like a portal to another dimension, attracts attention and works well, but at what price?

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