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Some "healthy" fast-food options aren't much better than a Big Mac.
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  • Updated:3 Jan 2006


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Healthy fast-food options

Worst 10

  • HUNGRY JACK’S Country Chicken Baguette
  • SUMO SALAD Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad — with small-size dressing
  • HUNGRY JACK’S Caesar Salad with Chicken and Dressing
  • HUNGRY JACK’S Vegie Supreme Baguette
  • McDONALD’S Italian Supreme Deli Choice
  • McDONALD’S Bacon & Egg Deli Choice
  • HUNGRY JACK’S Salad with Dressing
  • McDONALD’S Chicken Caesar Deli Choice
  • McDONALD’S Crispy Cut Salad with Spicy Avocado Dressing
  • HUNGRY JACK’S Grilled Chicken Baguette

Best 10

  • McDONALD’S Garden Mixed Salad with French Dressing
  • SUBWAY Veggie Delite 6" under 6 g fat
  • SUMO SALAD Spicy BBQ Prawn Salad — with small dressing
  • HEALTHY HABITS Tuna & Salad Sandwich (on multigrain bread)
  • PURE & NATURAL Layered Vegetable Frittata
  • SUMO SALAD Malaysian Beef Salad — with small dressing
  • SUMO SALAD Tandoori Chicken Wrap — half
  • SUMO SALAD Pumpkin Pinenut Wrap — half
  • SUMO SALAD Moroccan Lamb Salad — with small dressing
  • HEALTHY HABITS Linseed Wrap with Sweet Chilli Chicken, Lettuce, Carrot, Cucumber and Mayonnaise

Please note: this information was current as of January 2006 but is still a useful guide today.

The worst

  • Three ‘healthy’ options out-Mac a Big Mac when it comes to fat and salt and seven more come close.
  • All 10 are fattier than a KFC Original Fillet Burger and seven have more salt.
  • These 10 all have a tablespoon of fat or more, the top three around one-and-a-half (beating a Big Mac).
  • All have more salt than a Big Mac. That’s more than a third of the maximum daily amount recommended for salt — most in fact much more than that, at around half the recommended limit.
  • They’re not the worst choices on the menu as a whole (the extra salad is a fast-food fibre bonus), but they don’t really live up to their image — and the very high salt content can be hard to balance out, even in an otherwise healthy diet.

For more details see the nutrition table or what our criteria for best and worst are.

The best

  • There's an increasing number of healthy options that only the most ferocious dietitian would be too disturbed about.
  • All have around two teaspoons of fat or less.
  • None has more than one quarter of the upper daily salt recommendation. This doesn’t mean they’re low in sodium — you won’t have much luck on that score in a fast-food place — but they’re not too over-the-top.

For more details see the nutrition table or what our criteria for best and worst are.



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