Independent and trusted reviews and tests nutrition products, including information about fast food, salt, sweeteners, and wholegrains.


Sugar in focus

How much sugar is OK to include in our diet?

13 Sep 2005 | Sugar isn’t linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer or hyperactivity. However, it can play a role in tooth decay, and adds energy (kilojoules/calories) without any other nutrition.


Low-carb food

Low-carb processed foods are no healthier than their conventional equivalents — but can cost a lot more.

22 Aug 2005 | Low-carb versions of processed foods such as pasta certainly have less carbohydrate and usually fewer kilojoules — but are they’re a healthier option.



Keep your bones strong - calcium is a must have.

28 Apr 2005 | Up to early adulthood your body is building up the calcium in your bones. As you grow older, gradual calcium loss from your bones is inevitable - but there are things you can do to slow it down.



Australians are a constipated lot. But it's not just our bowels that would thank us for eating more fibre.

14 Feb 2005 | One thing is certain –– millions of doses of laxatives we swallow each year wouldn't be needed by most people if we ate more fibre.


Fast food

"Upsizing" your meal will really push the fat, salt and sugar right over the top.

9 Jan 2005 | When we started analysing the nutrition info from the fast-food giants, even our hardened food team was shocked by the amount of kilojoules, fat and salt that some options packed.

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